Mots commençant par la lettre A

A a A battery A-bomb A-day a-factor A formation A-frame A horizon A level a priori assumption A-scope A sharp A-side A Special A tent A3 A4 AA aa aa month AAA aah aalii aandblom aardvark aardwolf Aaron's-beard Aarskog syndrome aasvoel aasvogel aba abac abaca abacist abaculus abacus abalienate abalienation abalone abamp abampere abandon abandon ship abandon the game abandonee abandoner abandoning abandonment abarthrosis abase abase o.s. abasement abaser abash abashedness abashment abasia abatage abate abatement abater abating abatis abatjour abator abattage abattis abattoir abature abb abba abbacy Abbasid Abbe apertometer Abbe apertometre Abbe condenser Abbe limit Abbe number Abbe refractometer abbess Abbevillian abbey abbey church abbey-lubber abbeystead abbot Abbot Unreason abbotcy abbotship Abbott-Miller tube abbreviate abbreviated dialing abbreviation abbreviator abc abcessed tooth abcoulomb Abderhalden reaction abdicant abdicate abdicate the throne abdication abdicator abdomen abdominal abscess abdominal actinomycosis abdominal adhesion abdominal angina abdominal breathing abdominal delivery abdominal gas abdominal guarding abdominal hernia abdominal leg abdominal muscle abdominal panniculectomy abdominal pregnancy abdominal rib fin abdominal thrust abdominal tumor abdominal wall abdominal wall fat pad biopsy abduce abducens abducens muscle abducens nerve abducent abduct abductee abduction abduction case abductor abecedarian abecedary Abegg's rule Abel test abele Abelian group abelian group abelmosk abelmusk abeltree Aberdeen terrier aberdevine abernethy Abernethy biscuit aberrance aberrancy aberrant aberrant gene aberrate aberration aberration constant Abert's towhee abesse abet abetment abettal abetter abetting abettor abeyance abfarad abhenry abhor abhorrence abhorrer abidance abide abide by abider abiding-place abidingness abietate Abietatineae abietic acid abigail ability abiogenesis abiogenist abiosis abiotic reaction abiotic stress abiotic transformation abiotrophy abirritant abirritate abirritation abject poverty abjection abjectness abjunction abjuration abjuration oath abjure abjurer ablactate ablactation ablate ablation ablative ablative case ablator ablaut able able rating ablegate ablepharia ablepsia ablet abluent ablution abm abmho abmodality abnaki abnegate abnegation abnegator Abney's level abnormal behavior abnormal behaviour abnormal bone thickening abnormal gene abnormal passage abnormal pigmentation abnormal tissue abnormal tissue change abnormalcy abnormalise abnormalism abnormality abnormalize abnormalness abnormity abo ABO incompatibility aboardage abode abohm aboideau aboiteau abolish abolisher abolishing abolishment abolition abolitionism abolitionist abolla aboma abomasitis abomasum abomasus Abominable Snowman abominableness abominate abomination abomination of desolation abominator abondance aboriginal Aboriginal art aboriginality Aborigine aborigine abort aborter aborticide abortifacient aborting abortion abortion ban abortion belief abortion case abortion debate abortion financing abortion-inducing abortion opponent abortion pill abortion policy abortion procedure abortion provider abortion rights abortion service abortion stand abortionist abortiveness abortus abortus fever aboulia abound abound in abound with about-face about-turn aboutface above abracadabra abradant abrade abrader Abraham-man Abraham's-bosom Abraham's-man abraser abrasijet abrasin abrasion abrasion oil abrasion platform abrasive abrasive media abrasive style abrasiveness abrasivity abraxas abraxas stone abrazo abreact abreaction abreuvoir abri abridge abridged balance abridgement abridger abridgment abrocome Abrocomidae abrogate abrogation abrogator abroma abrotanum abrupt cessation abruptio placenta abruption abruptness abrus Abruzzi Abruzzi ware abscess abscess scan abscessroot abscind abscise abscisic acid absciss abscissa abscission abscission layer abscission zone abscond absconder absconding abseil abseil device abseiling absence absence seizure absent absent friend absent-mindedness absent voter absentation absentee absentee landlord absentee ownership absentee voter absenteeism absenter absentmindedness absentness absidal wave absidiole absinth absinthe absinthe yellow absinthiin absinthin absinthism absinthol absolute absolute address absolute authority absolute beginner absolute blocking absolute brightness absolute configuration absolute dictatorship absolute discharge absolute filter absolute gravity absolute humidity absolute instability absolute judgment absolute magnitude absolute minimum absolute monarchy absolute music absolute necessity absolute power absolute respect absolute right absolute risk absolute ruler absolute space absolute threshold absolute unit absolute value absoluteness absolution absolutism absolutist absolve absolvent absolver absolving absolvitor absorb absorbability absorbance absorbedness absorbefacient absorbency absorbent absorbent cotton absorbent cotton wool absorber absorptance absorptiometer absorptiometry absorption absorption cell absorption circuit absorption current absorption dynamometer absorption edge absorption hygrometer absorption line absorption pipette absorption spectroscopy absorption system absorptiveness absorptivity absquatulate absquatulation abstain abstain from abstainer abstaining abstatampere abstatfarad abstemiousness abstention abstentionism abstentionist absterge abstergent abstersion abstersiveness abstinence abstinence syndrome abstinence theory abstract abstract group abstract landscape abstract noun abstract painting abstract universal abstractedness abstracter abstraction abstractionism abstractionist abstractiveness abstractness abstractor abstrict abstriction abstruseness abstrusity absurd absurdism absurdist absurdity absurdness ABT system abulia abundance abundant rain abusage abuse abuse incident abuse investigation abuser abusing abusiveness abut abut on abutilon abutment abuttal abuttals abutter abvolt abwatt abye abysm abyss abyssal cone abyssal hill abyssal pass abyssal plain abyssal split abyssal zone Abyssinian Abyssinian primrose Abyssinian tea AC AC loss AC loss field AC power cable AC power cord AC power interruption acacia acacia gum acacia honey acacia veld academe academia academic academic affairs academic circle academic control academic credentials academic degree Academic dress academic exercise academic librarian academic medical center academic programme academic publishing academic research academic study academic subject academic year academicals academician academicism academise academism academize academy academy award Academy blue Academy board Academy figure Academy nomination Academy of Science Acadian Acadian chickadee Acadian flycatcher Acadian owl acaena acajou acalculia acaleph Acalephae acalephe Acanthaceae acanthite acanthocephalan acanthocephalid acanthodian acanthopanax acanthophis acanthopt acanthopteran acanthopterygian acanthosis acanthosoma acanthurus acanthus acapnia Acapulco gold acarian acariasis acaricid acarid acaridan acaridian acarine acarinosis acaroid gum acarologist acarology acarophobia acarus acatalepsy Acathist hymn acaulescence acausality accaroid resin acce accede accede to accedence acceder accelerando accelerant accelerate accelerated hypertension accelerating acceleration acceleration clause acceleration lane acceleration of free fall acceleration phase acceleration principle Acceleration time acceleration unit accelerator accelerator cable accelerator driven neutron source accelerator globulin accelerator pedal accelerograph accelerometer accent accentor accentual system accentuality accentuate accentuation accentuator accept accept responsibility for acceptability acceptable risk acceptableness acceptance acceptance credit acceptance house acceptance speech acceptance trial acceptancy acceptant acceptation acceptee accepter accepting house acceptor acceptor compensation acceptor control acceptor impurity accese access access broadcasting access charge access clerk access code access control access course access fee access mode access number access path access program access road access speed access television access television programme accessariness accessary accessibility accessibleness accession accession book accession number accession service accessioning accessions register accessor accessories accessoriness accessorise accessorius accessorize accessory accessory olfactory bulb acciaccatura accidence accident accident prevention accident proneness accident rating accident report accident service accident toll accident victim accidental accidental fall accidental fire accidental flat accidental natural accidental sharp accidentalism accidentalist accidentality accidentalness accidie accipiter Accipitridae acclaim acclaimer acclamation acclimatation acclimate acclimation acclimatisation acclimatise acclimatiser acclimatization acclimatize acclimatizer acclivity accolade accommodate accommodate o.s. to accommodate to accommodate with accommodate with a loan accommodation accommodation address accommodation allowance accommodation bill accommodation bureau accommodation coefficient accommodation endorser accommodation expenses accommodation house accommodation line accommodation paddock accommodation paper accommodation platform accommodation reflex accommodation rig accommodation road accommodation train accommodationist accommodations accommodations bureau accommodations officer accommodativeness accommodator accomodation accompanier accompaniment accompanist accompany accompanying accompanying artillery accompanyist accomplice accomplise accomplish accomplisher accomplishing accomplishment accomplishment quotient accord accord with accordance accorder accordion accordion music accordion pleat accordionist accost accosting accouchement accoucheur accoucheuse account account change account current account day account for account holdings account number account sale account settlement account supervisor accountability accountableness accountancy accountant accountantship accounter accountholder accounting accounting change accounting company accounting equation accounting function accounting machine accounting method accounting practice accounting record accounting standards accounts department accounts executive accouplement accouter accouterment accoutre accoutrement accoutrements Accra copal accredit accredit to accredit with accreditation accredited herd accrediting accrediting agency accreditment accrementition accrescence accrete accretion accretion disc accretion disk accretionary hypothesis accretionary prism accretionary wedge accroachment accroides accroides gum accroides resin accrual accrue accrue to accruement acculturate acculturation acculturationist acculturise acculturize accumbency accumulate accumulating accumulation accumulation factor accumulation point accumulativeness accumulator accumulator ring accuracy accuracy question accurateness accursedness accusal accusant accusation accusative accusative absolute accusative case accusativeness accuse accuse of accused accuser accustom accustom o.s. to accustomedness ace ace bandage ace driver ACE inhibitor ACE level ace skier acedia Aceldama acellular vaccine acenaphthene acenaphthylene acephalan acephalia acephalism acephalus acephaly acequia acer acerbate acerbity acerdol acervation acervulus acescence acescency acetabulum acetal acetaldehyde acetaldol acetalise acetalization acetalize acetamid acetamide acetaminophen acetanilid acetanilide acetanisidine acetarsol acetarzolamide acetate acetation acetazolamide acetic anhydride acetic fermentation acetification acetifier acetify acetimeter acetimetry acetin acetobacter acetoclastic bacteria acetogenic bacteria acetoin acetol acetolysis acetometer acetometry acetonaemia acetonaphthone acetone acetone alcohol acetone chloroform acetone number acetone oil acetonemia acetonitrile acetonuria acetonylacetone acetophenetidin acetophenone acetosity acetostearin acetous fermentation acetum acetyl acetyl benzoyl peroxide acetyl bromide acetyl carbinol acetyl chloride acetyl index acetyl number acetyl oxide acetyl silk acetyl value acetylacetone acetylaminobenzene acetylaniline acetylate acetylation acetylbenzene acetylcholine acetylcholine receptor acetylcholinesterase acetylcyanide acetylene acetylene acid acetylene alcohol acetylene black acetylene burner acetylene dichloride acetylene dinitrile acetylene gas acetylene generator acetylene lamp acetylene linkage acetylene series acetylene tetrabromide acetylene tetrachloride acetylene torch acetylene urea acetylene welder acetylene welding acetylenogen acetylide acetyliodide acetylise acetylization acetylize acetylizer acetylmethylcarbinol acetylsalicylate acetylurea Achaemenid achaemenid achaenocarp Achaian achalasia achar ache achemon sphinx achene achenium Acheulean Acheulian achieve achieve a triumph achievement achievement age achievement certificate achievement level achievement motivation achievement quotient achievement test achiever achieving achillea Achilles heel Achilles' heel Achilles tendon achimenes achiness aching aching muscles aching void achkan achlorhydria acholia acholuria achondrite achondroplasia achoo syndrome achorion achroite achromasia achromat achromate achromatic objective achromaticity achromatin achromatisation achromatise achromatism achromatization achromatize achromatophil achromatopsia achromatopsy achromia achromobacter achy achylia achylia gastrica acicula acicularity aciculum acid acid aerosol acid air acid albumin acid albuminate acid amide acid anhydride acid azide acid bath acid Bessemer process acid-binding acid black acid blast acid blower acid boiler acid bronze acid burner acid casein acid cell acid color acid content acid dipper acid drop acid dye acid dyspepsia acid egg acid ester acid etch acid fast acid fuchsine acid gloss acid halide Acid (House) Acid House acid house acid house party acid hydrolysis acid level acid man acid metaprotein acid-mordant dye acid nitrile acid number acid oil acid phosphatase acid phosphate acid process acid protease acid purifier acid radical acid reaction acid salt acid sludge acid sodium carbonate acid soluble spore protein acid steel acid stomach acid tide acid trip acidaemia acidanthera acidemia acidhead acidic anhydride acidic coal ash acidification acidifier acidify acidimeter acidimetry acidise acidity acidity coefficient acidity regulator acidization acidize acidizer acidizing acidness acidogenic fermentation acidolysis acidometer acidophil acidophile acidophilous milk acidosis acidulant acidulate acidulation acidulent acierage acierate acieration acineta acing acinus ack ackee ackey acknow acknowledge acknowledge defeat acknowledgement acknowledgements acknowledger acknowledging acknowledgment acknowledgments acle acme acme harrow acme thread acmite acne acne rosacea acne vulgaris acnode acoasm acolyte acolythate aconitase aconitate aconite aconite violet aconitin aconitine aconitum acontium acorn acorn calf acorn disease acorn duck acorn moth acorn shell acorn-shell acorn weevil acorn worm acorus acosmism acosmist acotyledon acouchi acouchy acoumeter acoumetry acousma acoustic acoustic aphasia acoustic bass acoustic center acoustic channel acoustic coupler acoustic current meter acoustic duct acoustic feedback acoustic hood acoustic impedance acoustic inertance acoustic interferometer acoustic mass acoustic mine acoustic neuroma acoustic organ acoustic phonetics acoustic reactance acoustic sonar acoustic tubercle acoustic wave acoustic waveband acoustic waveform acoustic wavelength acoustical engineer acoustical engineering acoustician acoustics acoustoelectronics acquaint acquaint o.s. with acquaint with acquaintance acquaintance rape acquaintanceship acquaintedness acquest acquiesce acquiesce in acquiescence acquiescing acquirability acquire acquire experience acquired bronchiectasis acquired hyperlipidaemia acquired immunity acquired leukoderma acquired leukopathia acquired reflex acquired taste acquirement acquirer acquiring acquisition acquisition agreement acquisition cost acquisition price acquisition proposal acquisitions arena acquisitiveness acquit acquit o.s. of acquittal acquittance acquittance roll acquitter acquitting Acraeidae acraldehyde Acrania Acrasiales acre acre breadth acre-foot acre length acreage acreage base acreage reduction acres farm Acrididae Acridiidae acridine acridine dye acridine orange acridity acridness acriflavine Acrilan acrimoniousness acrimony acrobat acrobatics acrobatism acrocephalia acrocephalic acrocephaly acrocyanosis acrodont acrodontism acrodynia acrogen acrography acrokeratosis verruciformis acrolein acrolith acrology acromegaly acromioclavicular dislocation acromioclavicular sprain acromion acron acronym acroparaesthesia acroparesthesia acropathy acrophobia acrophony acropodium acropolis acrose acrosome acrospire acrospore acrostic acrostolion acrostolium acroter acroterion acroterium Acrothoracica acrotism acrylaldehyde acrylate acrylic acrylic bath acrylic leg acrylic plastic acrylil acrylonitrile acrylyl act act a part act as act as a go-between act as a mediator act as if act as speaker act big act curtain act drop act for act in behalf of act in conjunction act involuntarily act like act like a bull in a china shop act on act on behalf of act one's age act out act psychology act reflexively act superior act up act up to act upon actability actaeon actant acter actin actin assembly actin condensation actin cytoskeleton actin filament actin microfilament actin monomer actin myosin contractile ring actin polymer actin polymerization Actinaria acting acting area acting chairman acting class acting copy acting director acting minister acting part acting partnership acting play acting president acting profession acting representative acting version actinia actinian Actiniaria actinic keratosis actinide actinide series actinidia actinism actinium actinium series actino-chemistry actinobacillosis actinobacillus actinobiology actinochemistry actinodermatitis actinogram actinograph actinography actinolite actinology actinomere actinometer actinometry actinomorphy actinomyces Actinomycetales actinomycete actinomycin actinomycosis actinon Actinophrys actinopod Actinopoda actinopterygian Actinopterygii actinotherapy actinouranium Actinozoa actinozoan action action and reaction action committee action current action effort action film action group action indicative action movie action noun action painter action painting action plan action point action replay action-research action sermon action shot action song action spectrum action stations action time actioner activate activated complex activated haemolysin activated sludge activating enzyme activation activation analysis activation product activation signal activation step activator activator material active active agricultural population active application active biomass active carbon active charcoal active driveway active fan active form active ingredient active layer active list active member active metal active nonagricultural population active oncogen active partner active sentence active service active site active structure active transport active vocabulary active volcanism active volcano activeness activism activist activities activity activity cage activity coefficient activity holiday activity ratio actomyosin acton actor actor's agent actor's assistant actor's line actress actress friend Acts of the Apostles actual cash value actual cautery actual damage actual figure actual grace actual word actualisation actualise actualism actualist actuality actualization actualize actualness actuals actuary actuate actuating signal actuation actuator acuity Aculeata aculeus acumen acuminate acumination acupressure acupunctor acupuncture acupuncturist acusection acusector acushla acutance acute acute angle closure glaucoma acute care acute glaucoma acute glomerulonephritis acute glossitis acute hospital acute kidney inflammation acute leukaemia acute leukemia acute non-lymphocytic leukaemia acute organic brain syndrome acute pain acute patient acute porphyria acute pyelonephritis acute respiratory disease acute sense acute toxicity acuteness acyanopsia acyl acylate acylation acyloin ad ad campaign ad-lib ad-libbing ad policy ad rate adage adagio adagio passage Adam's ale Adam's apple Adam's cup Adam's wine adamant adamantoblast adamine Adamite adamite Adamitism adamsite adansonia adapis adapt adapt for adapt for the screen adapt o.s. to adapt to adaptability adaptableness adaptation adaptation syndrome adaptative immunity adaptedness adapter adapter ring adapter tube adapting adaption adaptive radiation adaptiveness adaptivity adaptor add add a suffix to add an apostil to add fuel to fire add-in card add-in card connector add-in card slot add luster to add lustre to add more salt to add on add sugar to add the sound effects to add to add together add up add up to adda addax added value addend addendum adder adder's grass adder's mouth Adder's-tongue adder-stone adderwort addict addictedness addiction addictive drug addictiveness adding addisonian crisis Addisonism additament addition addition algebra addition axiom addition compound addition logarithm addition polymer addition product addition reaction addition sign addition table addition theorem additional activities additional burden additional charge additional clue additional collection additional costs additional evidence additional information additional job additional payment additionality additive additive effect additivity addle addlehead address address book address bus address formally address informally address label address oneself to address to addressability addressee addresser addressing Addressograph addressor adduce adducer adduct adduction adductor adductor canal adductor impression adductor longus ade adelantado Adelidae Adelie penguin adelite Adelphian adelphophagy ademption aden fever adenalgia adenase adenectomy adenia adenine adenitis adenocarcinoma adenofibroma adenohypophysis adenoidectomy adenoids adenology adenolymphocele adenoma adenomatous polyposis coli gene adenomyoma adenopathy adenopharyngitis adenophlegmon adenophore adenosarcoma adenosine adenosine monophosphate adenosine triphosphate adenovirus adenylate cyclase adenylic acid adenylpyrophosphate adenylyl cyclase Adephaga adept adeptness adequacy adequateness adermin adermine adhere adhere to adherence adherend adherens junction adherent adherer adhering adhering junction adhesion adhesion contact adhesive adhesive binding adhesive capsulitis adhesive plaster adhesive tape adhesiveness adhibit adhibition adiabatic adiabatic compression adiabatic invariant adiabatic process adiantum adiapexia adiaphoresis adiaphorism adiaphorist adiapolysis adiaposis adiathermancy adieu adipate adiphenine adipic acid adipocere adipocerite adipocyte adiponitrile adipopexia adipose adipose fin adipose tumor adiposeness adiposis adiposity adipsia adirondack chair adit adjacence adjacency adjacency effect adjacent angles adjacent wetland adjective adjective dye adjective equivalent adjective law adjectivise adjectivize adjoin adjourn adjournal adjourning adjournment adjournment debate adjudge adjudgement adjudgment adjudicate adjudicatee adjudication adjudication panel adjudicator adjugate adjunct adjunction adjuration adjure adjurer adjuror adjust adjust o.s. to adjust the aperture adjust to adjustability adjustable-joint pliers adjustable spanner adjuster adjusting adjustment adjustment bond adjustment centre adjustor adjutage adjutancy adjutant adjutant's call adjuvancy adjuvant adjuvant chemotherapy adjuvant therapy Adlerian adman admass admeasure admeasurement admeasurer admin adminicle administer administer an oath administer justice administrant administrate administration administration action administration aide administration appeal administration assistant administration block administration building administration claim administration concern administration cost administration estimate administration expense administration figure administration hope administration lawyer administration office administration official administration order administration policy administration promise administration regulation administration report administration spokesman administration step administrative agency administrative burden administrative control administrative cost administrative costs administrative duty administrative expenses administrative hearing administrative imprisonment administrative investigation administrative legislation administrative malpractice administrative mode administrative order administrative password administrative resource administrative simplification administrative skill administrative standardization administrative trial administrative tribunal administrator administrator password administratorship administratrix admirability admirableness admiral admiralship admiralty Admiralty Board admiralty bond admiralty flag Admiralty (the) admiration admire admirer admissibility admissibleness admission admission charge admission defeat admission fee admission policy admissions criterion admissions office admissions officer admissions policy admissions procedure admit admit defeat admit to citizenship admittance admitter admix admixture admonise admonish admonisher admonishing admonishment admonition admonitor adnation adnexa adnexectomy adnexitis adnexopexy adnominal adnoun ado adobe adobe brown adobe bug adobe floor adobe tick adolesce adolescence adolescent adolescent obesity adolescent stream adoni adonidin Adonis blue adonise adonisee adonite adonitol adonize adopt adopt an attitude adoptability adopted daughter adopted son adoptee adopter adoptianism adoption adoption agency adoption center adoption procedure adoptionism adoptionist adoptive immunity adorability adorableness adoration adore adorer adoretus adorn adorner adorning adornment adorno adrenal adrenal crisis adrenal hyperplasia adrenal insufficiency adrenalectomise adrenalectomize adrenalectomy adrenalin adrenaline adrenaline-blocking adrenalitis adrenergic bronchodilator adrenin adrenocorticotrophin adrenogenital syndrome adrenoleukodistrophy adret Adriatic Sea adroitness adscription adsorb adsorbability adsorbate adsorbed hydrocarbon adsorbent adsorption adsorption compound adsorption site adularescence adularia adulate adulation adulator Adullamite adult adult age adult cell adult dental Adult Education Adult Education Center adult entertainment adult fare adult film adult guardian adult illiteracy adult illiterate adult jail adult life adult literacy adult-onset adult respiratory distress syndrome adult smoker adult talk adult tissue Adult Training Center adult woman adult years adulterant adulterate adulteration adulterator adulterer adulteress adultery adulthood adulticide adultness adumbrate adumbration adumbrativeness aduncity adurol advance Advance approval advance booking advance booking copy advance booking office advance booking reservation advance copy advance guard advance loan advance on advance order advance party advance payment advance Purchase execution advance towards advance warning advanced age advanced avionics advanced cancer advanced credit advanced degree advanced fuel advanced gas-cooled reactor Advanced level advanced level advanced mathematics advanced military technology advanced physics advanced reservation advanced standing advanced studies advanced technology advanced weapon advancement advancer advances advantage advantage game advantage position advantage set advantageousness advection advection equation advena Advent advent Advent calendar adventism Adventist adventist adventitia adventitiousness adventive adventure adventure film adventure holiday adventure movie adventure playground adventure story adventurer adventures adventuresomeness adventuress adventurism adventurist adventurousness adverb adverb equivalent adverbial adverbialise adverbialize adversaria adversary adversary country adversary proceeding adversative adverse effect adverse event adverse reactions adverse wind adverseness adversity advert advertence advertency advertise advertise for advertisement advertisement curtain advertiser advertising advertising assignment advertising brochures advertising campaign advertising column advertising company advertising executive advertising industry advertising leaflets advertising matter advertising medium advertising offensive advertising overkill advertising pamphlets Advertising Standards Authority advertising supplement advertising value advertize advertize for advertizement advertizer advertizing advertizing brochures advertizing campaign advertizing column advertizing leaflets advertizing pamphlets advice advice book advice center advice centre advice desk advice note advisability advisableness advise advise against advisedness advisee advisement adviser advisership advisor advisorship advisory advisory board advisory body advisory capacity advisory committee advisory council advisory group advisory panel advisory role advisory service advize advocaat advocacy advocacy director advocacy group advocacy journalism advocado advocate Advocate-General advocation advocato advocator advowee advowson adygei adyghe adynamia adytum adz adz block adze ae aecidiospore aecidium aecidospore aeciospore aecium aedeagus aedes aedicula aedicule aedile aedileship aedoeagus aegagropila aegagropile aegagrus Aegeria Aegeriidae aegilops Aeginetan aegirine aegirite aegis aegithalos aegle aegolius aegophony aegopodium aegre aegrotat aegyrite aenigmatite aeolian Aeolian harp aeolian harp Aeolian mode aeoliopile aeolipile aeolipyle aeolis aeolotropism aeolotropy aeon aepyceros aepyornis aeraemia aerarian aerarium aerate aerating aeration aerator aeremia aerenchyma aerenchymous tissue aerial aerial battle aerial bombing aerial cableway aerial camera aerial crash aerial farming aerial perspective aerial photo aerial photograph aerial ping-pong aerial railway aerial ropeway aerial search aerial spying aerial top-dressing aerial view aerialist aeriality aerialness aeride aerie aerification aerify aero aeroacoustics aerobacteriologist aerobacteriology aeroballistics aerobatics aerobe aerobee aerobic life aerobic respiration aerobicise aerobicist aerobicize aerobics aerobics class aerobiologist aerobiology aerobiont aerobiosis aerobium aerobraking aerocamera aerocar aerocartograph aerocartography aerocolia aerocoly aerocondenser aerocyst aerodonetics aerodontalgia aerodontia aerodontics aerodrome aerodynamicist aerodynamics aerodyne aeroelasticity aeroelastics aeroembolism aeroengine aeroengineering aerofoil aerogel aerogeography aerogeology aerogram aerogramme aerograph aerographer aerographer's mate aerography aerolite aerolith aerolitics aerologist aerology aeromancer aeromancy aeromechanics aeromedicine aerometal aerometeorograph aerometer aerometry aeron aeronaut aeronautic engineer aeronautic engineering aeronautics aeroneurosis aeronomy aeropause aerophagia aerophagist aerophilatelist aerophilately aerophobia aerophone aerophore aerophoto aerophotograph aerophotography aerophyte aeroplane aeroplankton aeropulse aeroresonator aeroscepsy aeroscope aeroscopy aerosiderite aerosinusitis aerosite aerosol aerosol paint aerosol spray aerosol therapy aerosoling aerosolise aerosolization aerosolize aerospace aerospace analyst aerospace company aerospace concern aerospace division aerospace engineering aerospace field aerospace industry aerospace medicine aerospace operation aerospace product aerospace program aerosphere aerostat aerostatics aerostation aerostructure aerotechnics aerotherapeutics aerotherapy aerothermodynamics aerotitis aerotonometer aerotonometry aerotow aerotrain aerotropism aerugo aery Aesculapius snake Aesculapius' snake aesculin Aesop prawn aesophagus aesthesia aesthesiology aesthesiometer aesthesis aesthete aesthetician aestheticise aestheticism aestheticize aesthetics aesthetology aestho-physiology aestivate aestivation aestivator aether aethereal aethereality aethiops mineral aethogen aethrioscope aethusa aetiologist aetiology Aetolian afar afarensis adult afarensis fossil affability affableness affair affaire affairs affairs budget affairs cause affairs director affairs office affairs staff affairs troops affect affectation affected person affectedness affecter affection affectionateness affectivity affenpinscher afferent nerve afferent neuron affiance affiant affiche afficionado affidavit affiliate affiliate station affiliated member affiliation affiliation order affiliation proceeding affine geometry affinity affinity adsorbent affinity card affinity chromatography affinity credit card affinity group affinity labeling affinity tag affirm affirmance affirmant affirmation affirmative affirmative action affirmative pleading affirmer affix affixation affixer affixture afflation afflatus afflict afflictedness afflicter affliction affluence affluent affluent society afflux afford affordability afforest afforestation afforestment affranchise affranchisement affray affrayer affreighter affreightment affricate affrication affricative affright affront affrontedness affrontee affronter affusion Afgan hound Afghan afghan Afghan coat Afghan government afghan rebel Afghani afghani Afghanistan Afghans aficionada aficionado afikomen aflatoxin Aframerican Afrasian afreet Africa African African American African-American African blackwood African bladdernut African boxthorn African boxwood African breadfruit African brown African buffalo African cane African copaiba African cubeb African cypress African dominoes African fleabane African frog African ginger African golf African goose african green monkey kidney cell African hair African juniper African latin African lethargy African locust African milk-bush African mustard African National Congress African oak African padauk African pepper African polecat African pompano African rosewood African rue African saffron African school African slave African snail African swallowwort African swine fever virus African teak African valerian Africander Africanisation africanise Africanism Africanist Africanization africanize Africans Afrikaans Afrikander Afrikaner afrikanerise afrikanerize Afrikaners afrit afrite Afro Afro-Caribbean Afro haircut afrormosia aft deck after-burden after-burthen after-care after-course after dark after-days after-dinner speaker after-dinner speech after-guard after-image after-knowledge after-ripening after-sales service after-season sale after shave after shock after taste after-tax after-time after-wit after-world after-wort after-years afterbeat afterbirth afterblow afterbody afterbrain afterburner afterburning aftercare aftercast afterclap aftercooler aftercrop afterdamp afterday afterdeath afterdeck afterdinner aftereffect aftergas afterglow aftergrass aftergrowth afterguard afterheat afterimage afterimpression afterlife afterlight aftermarket aftermarket business aftermath afternoon afternoon deadline afternoon drink afternoon meeting afternoon nap afternoon session afternoon temperature afternoon watch afternooner afterpain afterpains afterpeak afterpiece afters aftersensation aftershaft aftershave aftershock aftershow aftersupper afterswarm aftertaste aftertax profit afterthought aftertime aftertouch aftertreat aftertreatment afterwale afterword afterworder afterworld aga Aga Khan agal agalacia agalactia agalaxy agalite agalloch agalmatolite agalwood agama agamete agami agamid Agamidae agamogenesis agamogony agamoid agamont agamospermy agamy agapanthus agape agapetae agapeti agapornis agar agaric Agaricaceae Agaricales agaricin Agaristidae agarose Agassiz trawl agate agate glass agate gray agate jasper agate snail agateware agatise agatize agave agave cactus agba agcy age age black age-class age difference age discrimination age factor age-fellow age gap age-grade age-hardening age limit age-mate age norm Age of Aquarius age of discretion age of the Earth Age of the Enlightenment age of the solar system age of the universe age range age spot agedness ageing ageing process ageing swinger ageism agelessness agency agency assessment agency fee agency financing agency nurse agency official agency problem agency publication agency staff agency tariff agenda agendum agene agenesia agenesis agenise agenize agent agent cipher agent intellect agent middleman agent noun agent officer Agent orange agent orange agent provocateur agent registration agent-suffix agentive agents procedure ageratum ageusia agger aggie aggiornamento agglomerate agglomeration agglomerator agglutinability agglutinant agglutinate agglutinating language agglutination agglutination test agglutinative language agglutinin agglutinogen aggradation aggrade aggrandise aggrandisement aggrandiser aggrandize aggrandizement aggrandizer aggravate aggravated assault aggravated criminal sexual abuse aggravation aggravator aggrecanase enzyme aggregate aggregate polarization aggregate ray aggregateness aggregation aggress aggression aggressiveness aggressivity aggressor aggressor nation aggrieve aggrievedness aggrievement aggro aggry aggry bead agha agilawood agile gibbon agileness agility aging aging cell aging process aging tissue agio agiotage agism agist agister agistment agitant agitate agitate against agitate for agitated depression agitation agitator agitator feed agitprop agitpropist aglet aglobulia aglobulism agloo Aglossa aglossia aglu Aglypha agma agnail agnate Agnatha agnathan agnathia agnation agnean agnel agnise agnize agnoiology agnomen agnosia agnostic agnosticism agnus castus agnus dei agogics agogy agon agonise agonise over agoniser agonist agonistics agonize agonize over agonized cry agonizer agony agony aunt agora agoraphobia agoraphobic agouti agouty agra gauze agrafe agraffe agrammatism agranulocyte agranulocytosis agrapha agraphia agrarian agrarian reform agrarianise agrarianism agrarianize agree agree on agree to agree with agreeability agreeableness agreed damage agreed overdraft agreement agreer agressin agressive statement agribusiness agricultural animal agricultural barriers agricultural biotech agricultural biotechnology agricultural commodity agricultural cooperative agricultural economy agricultural expert agricultural levy agricultural lobby agricultural machinery agricultural market agricultural output agricultural pest agricultural product agricultural production agricultural research agricultural researcher agricultural sciences agricultural show agricultural specialist agricultural subsidy agricultural worker agriculturalist agriculture agriculture portfolio agriculture show agriculture teacher agriculturist agrilus agrimony agriologist agriology agrion Agrionidae agriotes agrise agrobiologist agrobiology agrochemical agrologist agrology agronome agronomics agronomist agronomy agrostemma agrostis agrostographer agrostography agrostologist agrostology agrotis agrotown aguardiente ague ague-cake ague-tree agueweed aguise aguti ahat-not ahem ahimsa ahold aholt ahuehuete ai aid aid agency aid agreement aid authorization aid bill aid convoy Aid director aid dollar aid donor aid fund aid official aid organization aid package aid-prayer aid worker aide aide-de-camp aider aiding aidman AIDS Aids AIDS activist Aids hotline AIDS patient Aids-related complex Aids-related infection AIDS test AIDS vaccine aiglet aigret aigrette aiguille aiguillette aikenite aikido ail ailantho ailanthus ailanthus moth ailantus aileron ailette ailment ailurophile ailurophilia ailurophobe ailurophobia aim aim at aim for aimer aiming aiming circle aiming point aiming press aiming stake aimlessness ain Ainu ainu aioli air air action air alert air ambulance air armada air assault air ball air bath air battle air bed air bell air bends air bill air billow air bleed air blockade air bombing air-breathing air brick air bridge air bubble air calvary air campaign air canopy air cargo air carrier air check air chief marshal air coach air commodore air condenser air conditioning air-conditioning air connection air control man air cooler air cooling air corridor air cover air crash air current air-cushion vehicle air cylinder air date air defence air defense air division air drainage air drill air drop air ejector air embargo air embolism air emission air engine air entrainment air equivalent air exhauster air explorer air express air fare air ferry air field air fight air fleet air float Air Force Base air-freshener air furnace air gauge air gunner air hoist air horn air hostess air hunger air injection air injector air-kiss air knife air law air layer air-layering air leak air lift air line air liner air load air-lock air log air machine air map Air Marshal air marshal air matter air mishap air miss air monkey air motor air observation air offensive air officer air operation air out air package air patrol air philately air photograph air pillow air-pipe air pistol air plot air plug air port air propeller air protection air puff air pump air quality air-raid precautions air-raid protection air-raid shelter air-raid siren air-raid warden air-raid warning air receiver air resistance air rifle air right air ring air room air root air route air safety air sample air scoop air scout air-sea base air-sea rescue air seal air service air shipment air shot air show air shower air shuttle air sickness air space air speed air speed indicator air spot air spring air stack air staff air stage air strainer air stream air strike air structure air support air surveillance air survey air suspension air swallowing air terminal air ticket air tissue air-to-ground attack missile air tourist air traffic control air traffic control center air traffic controller air-traffic delay air train air transport air transportation air trap air traveler air trumpet air turbulence air twist air valve air vehicle air vent air vice-marshal air visitor air volcano air war air warden air warfare weapon air wave air wing air woman airbag airball airbase airbed airbill airboat airborne operation airborne pollution airborne radioactivity Airborne Warning and Control System airbourne soccer airbrasive airbrick airbrush airburst airbus aircraft aircraft division aircraft man aircraft observer aircraft order aircraft propeller aircraft property aircraft scanner aircraft section aircraft station aircraft wing aircraft woman aircraft work aircraft worth aircraftman aircraftsman aircraftswoman aircraftwoman aircrash aircrew aircrewman airdrome airdrop Airedale airedale airer airfare airfield airflow airfoam airfoil airforce airforce base airform airframe airfreight airglow airgraph airgun airhead airiness airing airlane airlessness airlift airlifter airlight airline airline accident airline account airline analyst airline chairman airline company airline delay airline logos airline magazine airline official airline operation airline owner airline passenger airline pilot airline representative airline staff airline ticket airline trip airliner airlink airlock airmail airmail edition airmail envelope airmail field airmail label airmail package airman airmanship airpass airplane airplane carrier airplane cloth airplane crash airplane export airplane highjacking airplane hostess airplane production airplane spin airplay airport airport authority airport condition airport hotel airport intersection airport lounge airport official airport property airport staff airport statement airport tax airport taxiway airport terminal airport worker Airports Authority airpost airpower airproof airs airscrew airship airshow airsickness airside airspace airspace reservation airspeed airspeed head airsteps airstop airstream airstream engine airstrike airstrip airt airth airtightness airtime airwave airway airway beacon airway distance airwoman airworthiness airy Airy disk aisle aisle seat ait aitch aitchbone Aizoaceae aizoon Ajax powder ajowan ajown oil ajutage ajwan akamushi mite akan akariote akathisia akeake akee akene akhara akinesia akinesis akinete Akkadian empire akrasia Akromyodi akroter akroterion akvavic akvavit al al-phitomancy ala alabama period alabamine alabandine alabandite alabaster alabaster bowl alabaster tint alabaster vessel alabastron alabastrum alacrity Aladdin's cave alalia alamandine alameda alamo alamo vine alamode Alamos meson physics facility alanine alanine aminotransferase Alaouite alap alapeen alarm alarm bell alarm bird alarm call alarm clock alarm company alarm equipment alarm-post alarm reaction alarm signal alarm watch alarmer alarmingness alarmism alarmist alarmist note alarum Alaska goose Alaska grayling Alaska longspur Alaska pine Alaska time alastrim alatern alaternus alation Alaudidae Alawite alb alba albacore Albada finder Albania Albanian Albanian Church Albanians Albany beef Albany slip albarello albata albatros albatross albedo albedometer Albers projection albert albertan Alberti bass albertite albertype albescence Albian Albigensian Albigensianism albinism albino albite albitisation albitization Albright's syndrome albronze Albuginaceae albuginea albuginitis albugo albula album album board album graecum album jacket album paper album title albumblatt albumen albumen photograph albumen plate albumenisation albumenise albumeniser albumenization albumenize albumenizer albumin albuminate albuminise albuminize albuminoid albuminometer albuminuria albumose albumosuria alburn alburnum alcahest alcaic alcaide alcalde alcaligenes alcalosis alcapton alcaptonuria alcator scaling alcayde alcazar Alcedinidae Alcelaphinae alcelaphini alchemilla alchemise alchemist alchemize alchemy alcheringa alcian blue alcid Alcidae Alcock's canal Alcock spruce alcohol alcohol abuser alcohol and drug alcohol and sex alcohol ban alcohol contents alcohol counselor alcohol death alcohol dependence alcohol excess alcohol-free beverage alcohol intake alcohol law alcohol legislation alcohol metabolism alcohol rehabilitation alcohol sale alcohol test alcohol testing alcohol use alcohol withdrawal alcoholaemia alcoholate alcoholature alcoholemia alcoholic alcoholic cardiomyopathy alcoholic cirrhosis alcoholic fermentation alcoholic ketoacidosis alcoholic poisoning alcoholic polyneuropathy alcoholic relapse alcoholicity alcoholisation alcoholise alcoholism alcoholization alcoholize alcoholmeter alcoholomania alcoholometer alcoholometry alcoholysis alcool addiction alcool craving Alcoran alcove alcyon Alcyonacea Alcyonaria alcyonarian aldehyde aldehyde resin alder alder flycatcher alder kitten alderfly alderman alderman lizard aldermancy aldermanry aldermanship alderwoman Aldine aldohexose aldol aldol condensation aldolisation aldolise aldolization aldolize aldopentose aldose aldose reductase aldose reductase inhibition aldosterone aldosterone excretion rate aldosterone-producing adenoma aldoxim aldoxime Aldrich syndrome aldrin ale ale-bench ale-draper ale gallon ale-knight ale-taster ale-wort alec aleck alecost alectryomancy alegar alehouse Alemanni Alemannic alembic alembication Alencon diamond aleph alerce alerion alert alerting alertness alethiologist alethiology alette aleukaemia aleuriospore Aleurites aleuromancy aleuron aleurone aleurone grain aleurospore Aleutian Aleutian Islands alevin alewife alexander alexanders Alexandra palm Alexandria senna Alexandrian clover Alexandrian philosophy Alexandrian school Alexandrine alexandrine Alexandrine rat Alexandrinism alexandrite alexia alexin alexine alexipharmic aleyard alfa alfa grass alfalfa alfalfa butterfly alfalfa caterpillar alfalfa dwarf alfalfa looper alfalfa webworm alfalfa weevil alfilaria alfileria alforja Alfven ion cyclotron instability Alfven velocity Alfven wave alga algae algae bloom algaecide algal chloroplast algal disease algal fungus algal layer algal lipid algaroba algarroba algazel algebra algebraise algebraist algebraize algebrist Algerian Algerian fir Algerian ivy Algerian stripe Algerians algerienne algesia algesimeter algesireceptor algicid algicide algidity algidness algin alginate alginate fiber algine algodonite ALGOL algol Algol variable algolagnia algolagnist algologist algology algometer algometry Algonkian Algonkin Algonquian Algonquin algophilia algophobia algor algorism algorithm algorithmic oriented language algraphy alias alias writ aliasing alibi alibility alicant alicante Alice band Alice blue Alice's fern Alice shad alidad alidade alien alien corporation alien enemy alien friend Alien Priory alienability alienage alienate alienate from alienation alienation effect alienation office alienator alienee alienism alienist alienor alight alighting align align to align with aligned nation aligner aligning alignment alignment chart alikeness aliment alimentation alimentativeness alimony aline alinement aliner aliped alipterion aliquot aliquot tone alisma Alismaceae alison alite aliterate aliveness alizarin alizarin blue alizarin brown alizarin lake alizarin yellow alizarine alk alkahest alkalescence alkalescency alkali alkali sink alkalify alkalimeter alkalimetry alkaline detergent alkaline metal alkaline protease alkaline tide alkalinisation alkalinise alkalinity alkalinization alkalinize alkalisation alkalise alkaliser alkalization alkalize alkalizer alkaloid alkalosis alkane alkanet alkanethiol alkannin alkapton alkaptonuria alkargen alkekengi alkene alkie alkilene oxide alkine Alkoran alkoxide alky alkyd alkyl alkyl complex alkylate alkylating agent alkylation alkylboronate ester alkylene alkylhalide alkylidene alkylise alkylize alkylogene alkyne All Blacks all-clear all comers all flesh All Fool's Day All Fools' Day all get-out All Hallow Eve All-hallown summer All Hallows' Day all-heal all-in wrestling all kinds of things all-might all nature all-nighter all-or-none law all-or-nothing law all-or-nothing phenomenon all outdoors all point bulletin all points bulletin all-round entertainer all-rounder All Saints All Saints' Day all-sorts all sorts of things All Souls' Day all standing all-star cast all-terrain vehicle all the best All the Talents all the world and his wife all thing all-time great all-treatment all work allactite allanite allantoid Allantoidea allantoin allantois allative allay allayer allaying allecret allegation allegation center allege alleger alleghenies Allegheny spurge Allegheny vine allegiance allegoricalness allegorisation allegorise allegoriser allegorist allegorization allegorize allegorizer allegorizmeter allegory allegretto allegro allel allele allelic loss allelism allelomorph allelomorphism allelopathy allelotropism alleluia alleluja allemande allemontite Allen key Allen's hummingbird Allen's rule Allen screw Allen video enhanced contrast Allen wrench allene allergen allergenic allergenicity allergic alveolitis allergic asthma allergic conjunctivitis allergic reaction allergic response allergin allergist allergy allergy sufferer allergy testing allerion allethrin alleviant alleviate alleviate one's hunger alleviation alleviator alley alley robbery Alleynian alleyway allheal alliance Alliance chairman alliance ring alliance territory alliance today alliaria alligator alligator apple alligator belt alligator bonnet alligator button alligator cacao alligator fish alligator gar alligator juniper alligator purse alligator shears alligator tortoise alligator tree alligator wallet alligatorfish alligatoring Allihn condenser allis allision Allison tuna alliterate alliteration alliterativeness alliterator allium allmouth allnightmeter allocate allocate to allocating allocation allocator allocatur allocheiria allochiria allochtone allocution allod allodiality allodium allogamy allogeneic bone marrow transplant allogeneic transplant allograft allograft immunity allograph allomerism allomerization allometry allomone allomorph allomorphism allomorphite allonge allonym allopath allopathist allopathy allopatric speciation allopatry allophane allophone allophylian alloplasm allopolyploid allopolyploidy allopurinol allosaur allosteric enzyme allot allot to allotee allotment allotrope allotropicity allotropise allotropism allotropize allotropy allotted task allottee allotter allotype allow allow for allow in allow o.s. allow to enter allow to pass allowableness allowance allowed alcohol alloy alloy wheel alloyage alloying allseed allsorts allspice allspice oil allude allude to alluder allure allurement allurer alluringness allusion allusiveness alluvial silt alluviate alluviation alluvion alluvium ally ally oneself to ally with allyl allyl plastic allylic alcohol allylthiourea alma mater almacantar almagest almah Almain rivets almanac almandine almandite almeh Almeida's disease almemar almery almightiness Almighty almighty almique almohad almohade almond almond cake almond eye almond green almond meal almond milk almond paste almoner almonry alms alms bag alms chest alms-deed alms house almsgiver almsgiving almshouse almsman almswoman almucantar almucantar staff almuce alnico alodiality alodium aloe aloe hemp aloes aloes wood aloeswood alogia alogism aloha aloha party aloha shirt Aloha State aloin aloneness aloofness alopecia alopecia areata alosa alouatta alouatte alouette alp Alp-horn alpaca alpenglow alpenhorn alpenstock Alpert syndrome alpha alpha amanitin alpha cell alpha cellulose alpha channeling alpha decay alpha emission alpha-fetoprotein alpha glucosidase alpha helix alpha interferon alpha list alpha minus alpha plus alpha pulp alpha quartz alpha radiator alpha-receptor alpha stocks alpha viruse alphabet alphabet block alphabet book alphabet soup alphabetic key alphabetic order alphabetisation alphabetise alphabetiser alphabetization alphabetize alphabetizer alphaglobulin alphanumeric alphanumeric character alphitomancy alphorn alphosis alpine Alpine combined Alpine fir alpine lake Alpine lift Alpine rose alpine strawberry Alpine structure alpine troop alpinism alpinist Alport syndrome Alsatian alsatian Alsatian clover Alsatian wine Alsatian wolf-dog Alsatian wolfhound alsike also-ran alstroemeria alt alta fescue Altaian Altaic altaite altar altar brass altar bread altar call altar card altar cloth altar desk altar girl altar ledge altar mound altar piece altar plate altar rail altar screen altar slab altar stone altar tomb altarage altarpiece altazimuth alter alter ego alterability alterableness alterant alteration alteration hand altercate altercation altered chord altered cord alternat alternate alternate angle alternate bearing alternate circles and squares alternate rhyme alternateness Alternating current alternating current alternating function alternating group alternating personality alternating psychosis alternating saw alternating series alternation alternative alternative arrangement alternative comedian alternative comedienne alternative comedy alternative hypothesis alternative mrna splicing alternative pathway alternative program alternative prospectus alternative school Alternative Service Book alternative technology alternative therapy alternativeness alternativity alternator alterne althaea althea althorn altigraph altimeter altimetry altiplanation altiplano altiport altissimo altitude altitude chamber Altman's granules alto alto clarinet alto flute alto horn alto part alto saxhorn alto saxophone alto solo alto tenor altocumulus altogether altoist altostratus altrices altruism altruist alu element alu sequence aludel alula alum alum cake alum carmine alum cochineal alum flower alum leather alum rock alum root alum-schist alum shale alum-slate alum stone alumina aluminate aluminisation aluminise aluminite aluminium aluminium film aluminium foil aluminium indium gallium nitride aluminium indium gallium phosphide aluminization aluminize aluminography aluminosilicate aluminosis aluminosity aluminothermy aluminum aluminum casting aluminum foil aluminum future aluminum paint aluminum paper aluminum soap aluminum yacht alumna alumnus alumroot alunite alunogen alure alurgite alveola alveolar alveolar abscess alveolar bridge alveolar cell alveolar macrophage alveolar proteinosis alveolation alveolectomy alveolite alveolus alveus Alyce clover alyssum alytes Alzeimer's disease Alzeimer's patient AM amacrine amacrine cell amadan amadavat amadou amagat unit amah amal Amalekite amalgam amalgamate amalgamation amalgamation process amalgamator amalgamise amalgamize aman amanita amantadine amanuensis amaranth amaranth pink amaranth purple amaranthaceae amarelle amaretto amarillo amaryllidaceae amaryllis amass amasser amassette amassment amateur amateur football amateur soccer amateur theatrical amateurishness amateurism Amati amativeness amatol amaurosis amaurosis fugax amaut amaze amazedness amazement Amazon amazon amazon ant Amazon basin Amazon eartheater Amazon lily Amazon-stone amazon stone Amazon sword Amazonian Amazonian queen amazonite amazonstone ambach ambage ambagiousness ambari ambary ambassador ambassadorship ambassadress ambatch amber amber fish amber forest amber gambler amber malt amber mica amber mutation amber nectar amber oil amber seed amber suppressor amber town amber tree amber white amber yellow amberfish ambergris amberjack amberoid ambiance ambident anion ambident ligand ambidexter ambidexterity ambidextrousness ambience ambient temperature ambiguity ambiguous codon ambiguousness ambilaterality ambiophony ambipolar diffusion ambisexual ambisonics ambit ambitendency ambition ambitiousness ambivalence ambivalency ambiversion ambivert amble ambler amblygonite amblyopia amblyopod amblyoscope amblypod amblystoma ambo amboceptor amboina amboina button ambon amboyna amboyna wood ambrein ambrette ambrettolide ambroid ambrosia ambrosia beetle ambrosia fungus Ambrosian chant ambrotype ambry ambsace ambulacrum ambulance ambulance dispatcherer ambulance driver ambulance woman ambulanceman ambulante ambulate ambulation ambulator ambulatory ambulatory blood pressure ambulatory care ambulatory patient ambuscade ambuscader ambuscado ambush ambush bug ambush plan ambusher ambushment ameba amebiasis amebocyte ameboidism ameer ameerate ameiosis ameiva amelanchier amelia ameliorableness ameliorant ameliorate amelioration ameliorator ameloblast amelogenesis amelus amen amen glass amen seat amenability amenableness amend amender amendment amends amenity amenity bed amenorrhea amenorrhoea ament amentia amentiferae amentum amerce amercement amercer America American American alder American ash American baptist American bar American basement American beauty American bias American bladdernut American bond American boneset American brant American cherry American China-root American Civil War American cloth American copper American cotton American cowslip American cranberry American crocodile American Dream American ebony American empire American feather-foil American film industry American fingering American flag American fluke American football American foulbrood American goldeneye American gooseberry American green American gromwell American health security act American heather American hemp American hookworm American Indian American Indian Day American ipecacuanha American jade American John Dory American jute American lady American lanner American lion American mandrake American Medicine association American mint American moss American nightshade American orpine American pansy American pellitory American people American perch American pintail American plan American plum American pondweed American poplar American Revised version American Revolution American revolution American ruby American saffron American saibling American sanicle American school American scoter American senna American short-hair American sibling American Sign language American snowball American Staffordshire terrier American Standard Version American studies American system American tea American tiger American tournament American trotter American valerian American vermilion American vessel American vetch American walnut American whitewood American wine American yellow American yew American Youth Hostel Americana Americanisation Americanise americanise Americaniser Americanism Americanist Americanization Americanize americanize Americanizer Americans americium amerind Amerindian amerindian amerism Ames test amesace ametabolism amethyst amethyst violet ametropia Amharic ami amiability amiableness amianthus amiantus amicability amicable numbers amicable settlement amicableness amice amicus amidase amidation amidation site amide amide linkage amidin amidine amidocyanogen amidogen amidol amidopyrin amie amiga amigo amimia aminase amination amine aminise aministrative password aminity aminize amino acid amino acid polymer amino base amino group amino sugar amino terminal aminoacyl-tRNA aminobenzene aminophenol aminopherase aminophylline aminoplast aminopyrine amir amirate Amish Amishman amitate amitosis amity ammeter ammine ammo ammocete ammocoete Ammon's law ammonal ammonate ammonation ammonia ammonia dynamite ammonia gelatin ammonia nitrogen ammoniac ammoniac plant ammoniate ammoniation ammonification ammonifier ammonify Ammonite ammonite ammonium ammonium nitrogen ammonoid ammonolysis ammunition ammunition belt ammunition cache ammunition depot ammunition dump ammunition scuttle amnesia amnesiac amnesic patient amnesty Amnesty International Amnesty International aid worker amniocentesis amnion amniote amniotic cavity amniotic fluid amniotic sac amobarbital amoboid cell amoboid tissue amoeba amoeba disease amoebiasis amoebic abscess amoebic cyst amoebocyte amoeboid movement amoeboidism amok amole amontillado amoralism amorality amoretto amorino amorist amorite amorosity amoroso amorous exploit amorousness amorphic allele amorphism amorphous phase amorphous semiconductor amorphous silica amorphous silicon amorphousness amortisation amortise amortisement amortization amortization period amortize amortizement amosite amount amount carried forward amount limit amount subject amount to amour amour-propre amowt amoxycillin amp AMPA receptor ampelite ampelopsis amperage ampere Ampere's law ampersand ampherotoky amphetamine amphiarthrosis amphiaster amphibia amphibian amphibious force amphibious plane amphibiousness amphiblastula amphibole amphibolite amphibolitise amphibolitize amphibolization amphibology amphiboly amphibrach amphictyon amphictyony amphid amphidiploid amphidiploidy amphigory amphigouri amphimacer amphimixis amphioxus amphiploid amphiploidy amphipod amphisbaena amphisbaenid amphistylar amphitene amphithalamus amphitheater amphitheatre amphithecium amphitoky amphitricha amphogeny ampholyte amphora amphoricity amphotropic packaging ampicillin ample ample bosom ampleness ampliation amplidyne amplification amplification factor amplified fragment length polymorphism amplifier amplify amplitude amplitude wave ampoule ampul ampule ampulla amputate amputation amputator amputee amrad gum amreeta amrita amt amtrac amtrack amuck amulet amuse amuse o.s. amusement amusement park amuser amusia amusingness amusiveness amygdala amygdalate amygdale amygdalin amygdaloid amygdaloid nucleus amygdule amyl amyl nitrate amylase amylene amylogen amyloid amyloid precursor protein amyloidogenic glycoprotein amyloidosis amylolysis amylopectin amyloplast amylopsin amylose amylum amynoglycoside antibiotic amyotonia amyotrophy ana anabaena anabantid anabaptise Anabaptism Anabaptist anabaptize anabas anabasine anabasis anabiosis anableps anabolic pathway anabolic steroid anabolic steroids anabolism anabolite anabranch anachorism anachronism anacidity anaclisis anacoenosis anacoluthia anacoluthon anaconda Anacreontic anacrusis anaculture anadem anadiplosis anadromous fish anaemia anaerobe anaerobic bacteria anaerobic digester anaerobic respiration anaerobiosis anaerobium anaesthesia anaesthesiologist anaesthesiology anaesthetic anaesthetise anaesthetist anaesthetization anaesthetize anagenesis anaglyph anaglyphoscope anaglyphy Anaglypta anaglypta anagnoris anagnorisis anagoge anagogy anagram anagrammatise anagrammatism anagrammatist anagrammatization anagrammatize Anaheim disease anal atresia anal erotic anal fissure anal Plate anal retention anal retentive anal sadism anal sex anal sphincter anal stage analcime analcite analecta analemma analeptic analgesia analgesic analgesic nephropathy analgia analog analog correlator analog coverage analog image analog picture analog record analog recording analog signal analog technology analog television analogicalness analogise analogism analogist analogize analogousness analogue analogue clock analogue-digital converter analogue-digital convertor analogue watch analogy analogy test analphabet analphabetic analphabetism analysability analysand analysation analyse analyser analysis analyst analysts fear analytic proposition analytical psychology analytical test analyticity analytics analytique analyzability analyzation analyze analyzer anamnesis anamnestic response anamniote anamorphism anamorphoscope anamorphosis ananas anapaest anapest anaphase anaphase chromatide anaphase inhibitor anaphora anaphoresis anaphrodisia anaphrodisiac anaphylactic reaction anaphylactoid purpura anaphylaxis anaplasia anaplasmosis anaplasty anaplerosis anaplerotic reaction anapophysis anaptyxis anarch anarchism anarchist anarchy anarthria anarthrousness anasarca anaspid anastasis anastigmat anastomose anastomosis anastrophe anatabine anatase anatexis anathema anathema maranatha anathematisation anathematise anathematiser anathematization anathematize anathematizer anathemise anathemize Anatolian anatomisation anatomise anatomiser anatomist anatomization anatomize anatomizer anatomy anatto anbury ancestor ancestor cult ancestors ancestral grave ancestral home ancestress ancestry anchor anchor ax anchor ball anchor bar anchor bed anchor bend anchor bolt anchor box anchor buoy anchor cable anchor chock anchor dart anchor drag anchor escapement anchor-hold anchor ice anchor lift anchor log anchor man anchor nurse anchor plant anchor plate anchor point anchor rocket anchor rod anchor shackle anchor shot anchor space anchor tooth anchor watch anchor well anchorage anchorage dependence anchoress anchoret anchoretism anchorite anchoritism anchorman anchorperson anchorwoman anchoveta anchovy anchovy fillet anchovy shoal anchusa anchusin anchylose anchylosis anchylostomiasis ancient ancient civilization ancient coin ancient demesne Ancient Greece ancient Greek ancient hatred ancient historian ancient history ancient language ancient lights ancient monument Ancient Rome ancient times ancient world ancientness ancientry ancile ancilla ancillary ancon ancon sheep ancress ancylosis ancylostomiasis AND AND circuit AND gate andalousite andalusite Andaman Islander Andaman marble Andaman padauk andante andantino Andean Cordillera Andean deer Andean mountains andersen sampler Andes berry andesine andesite andesitic volcano andiron Andorran Andorrans andouille Andover green andradite Andreasen method androclinium androconium androcracy androdioecism androecium androgamone androgen androgenetic merogony androgenic alopecia androgenic hormone androgenital syndrome androgyne androgynist androgynophore androgyny android andromeda Andromeda galaxy andromonoecism androphore androsphinx androspore androstenedione androsterone anecdotage anecdotal evidence anecdotalism anecdotalist anecdote anecdoticalist anecdotist anelace anelasticity anele anemia anemic child anemochore anemogram anemograph anemography anemology anemometer anemometry anemone anemophily anemoscope anemosis anemotaxis anemotropism anencephalus anencephaly anergy aneroid aneroid barometer aneroidograph anesthesia anesthesimeter anesthesiologist anesthesiology anesthesize anesthetic anesthetisation anesthetise anesthetist anesthetization anesthetize anestrus anethole aneuch aneuploid aneurin aneurism aneurysm aneurysm repair aneutronic fuel anfractuosity angakok angary angashore angel angel bar angel bed angel food angel-hair pasta angel light angel-noble angel pie angel red angel's eye angel's hair angel's kiss angel's seat angel's-trumpet angel's wing angel skin angel sleeve angeleno angelfish angelhood angelica angelica acid angelica lactone angelica oil angelica tree angelicalness angelique angelise angelize angelman syndrome angelology angels-on-horseback angelus angelus bell Angelus (the) anger angina angioblast angiocardiography angiocarp angiocarpy angiogenesis angiogram angiography angiology angioma angioneurotic oedema angioplasty angiosperm angiotensin angiotensin-converting enzyme angiotonase angiotonin angiotribe anglaise angle angle bead angle beam angle brace angle bracket angle brackets angle brick angle capital angle chair angle closure angle divider angle float angle gear angle grinder angle meter angle plate angle rafter angle rib angle set angle shaft angle shear angle shot angle-wing anglepod Anglepoise lamp angler angles of reentries anglesite angleton grass anglewing angleworm Anglian Anglican Anglican chant Anglican Communion Anglicanism anglicisation anglicise Anglicism Anglicist anglicization Anglicize anglicize Anglify anglify angling Anglo anglo Anglo-Catholic Anglo-Catholicism Anglo-Irish Anglo-Saxon anglo-saxondom Anglophil Anglophile Anglophilia Anglophobe Anglophobia Anglophone anglophone Angola Angola grass Angola pea angola pea Angolan angor angora Angora cat Angora goat Angora rabbit angostura Angostura Bitters angostura bitters angriness angry angry exchange angry mob Angry Young Man angry young man angst angstrom anguish angular aperture angular bed angular milling angular momentum angular resolution angular speed angular velocity angularise angularity angularization angularize angularness angulateness angulation angulosity angustura angwantibo anhedral anhematosis anhidrosis anhidrotic anhinga anhydraemia anhydremia anhydride anhydridise anhydridization anhydridize anhydrise anhydrite anhydrization anhydrize anhydrosis anhydrous sulphuric acid ani aniconism anidrosis anil anilide aniline aniline printing anilingus anility anima animacy animadversion animadvert animadverter animal animal activist animal ailment animal attack animal behavior animal behaviour animal black animal cancer animal cell animal cellulose animal charcoal animal collector animal courage animal dance animal dander animal diversity animal electricity animal experiment animal experimentation animal faith animal farm animal feed animal flower animal health business animal heat animal high spirit animal hospital animal husbandman animal hypnosis animal liberation animal life animal lover animal mechanics animal model animal mound animal ordinance animal park animal phylum animal pole animal research animal rights animal rights advocate animal rights campaigner animal rights militant animal sanctuary animal shelter animal soul animal specie animal spirits animal step animal study animal test animal testing animal unit animal vaccine animal virus animal warden animal waste animal welfare animalcule animalculum animalier animalisation animalise animalised cell animalism animalist animality animalization animalize animals food animate animated cartoon animated film animated movie animateness animater animation animatism animator anime animism animist animist rebel animize animosity animus anion anion exchange anion exchanger anionic ligand anionic membrane anionic surfactant anisaldehyde anise anise alcohol anise camphor anise oil aniseed aniseed star aniseed tree aniseikonia anisette anisocoria anisodactyl anisogamete anisogamy anisole anisometropia anisophylly anisotropic membrane anisotropism anisotropy ANK repeat ankerite ankh ankle ankle boot ankle chain ankle injury ankle jerk ankle-length dress ankle length robe ankle ligament ankle sock ankle strap anklebone anklet ankrin ankus ankyloglossia ankylosaur ankylose ankylosis ankylostomiasis anlace anlage anlcime basalt ann anna Anna's hummingbird annabergite annal annalist annals annals of history Annam ulcer Annamese annates annatto annatto tree anneal annealer annelid annelidan annex annexation annexationism annexationist annexe annexment annexure annihilability annihilate annihilation annihilation radiation annihilationism annihilationist annihilator anniversary anniversary celebration anniversary ceremony anniversary clock anniversary dinner anniversary exhibition anniversary meeting anniversary present anniversary wedding annotate annotated edition annotation annotator announce announcement announcer annoy annoyance annoyer annoying thing annoyingness annual annual aberration annual accounts annual allowance annual average annual budget annual convention annual cost annual deficit annual earning annual earnings per share annual event annual expense annual fair annual fee annual gain annual gathering annual general meeting annual grant annual growth annual income annual increase annual inflation annual installment annual interest annual limit annual output annual parade annual percentage rate annual rate annual report annual revenue annual ring annual rite annual salary annual sale annual savings annual study annual subscription annual survey annual turnover annual vacation annualisation annualise annualization annualize annualized percentage rate annuitant annuity annuity bond annuity due annul annular budding annular dilatation annular illumination annular pancreas annular stop annular thickening annularity annulate lamellae annulation annulet annulment annulment process annulus annunciate Annunciation annunciation Annunciation lily annunciator anoa anobiid anociassociation anode anode ray anodic coating anodisation anodise anodization anodize anodized aluminium anodontia anodyne anoesis anoestrus anoint anointer anointment anole anolyte anomalism anomalous diffusion anomalousness anomaly anomia anomie anomite anomy anonychia anonym anonyme anonymity anonymizer anonymous reviewer anonymous tip anonymousness anoopsia anopheles anopheline anopisthograph anorak anorectal abscess anorectal fistula anorexia anorexiant anorexic anorthite anorthoclase anorthosite anoscope anosmia another another place another story anoxaemia anoxemia anoxia anoxic culture anoxygenic photosynthesis ANP receptor ansa answer answer affirmatively answer back answer-back code answer charge answer for answer in the affirmative answer session answer sheet answer the call of nature answerability answerableness answerer answering service answering system ant ant-cattle ant colony ant-eater ant eggs ant-fly ant-heap ant-hill ant-hillock ant-orchid ant plant ant's-eggs ant's-wood ant tree anta antacid antagonisation antagonise antagonism antagonist antagonistic effect antagonization antagonize antagonizer antalkali Antarctic Circle Antarctic convergence Antarctic Ocean Antarctic Territory antarthritic antasthmatic antbird ante ante-post bet ante up anteater antecede antecedence antecedency antecedent antecedents antecessor antechamber antechapel antechoir antecourt antedate antediluvian antefix anteflexion antehall antelope antelope brush antelope horn antenatal class antenatal clinic antenatal exercises antenave antenna antenna array antenna circuit antenna inductance antenna switch antenna sword antennal complex antennapedia complex antennifer antennule antenumber antepast antependium antepenult antepenultima antepenultimate anteporch anteport anteportico anteposition anterior anterior teeth anteriority anterograde motor anterograde transport anteroom antetype anteversion antevert anthelion anthelix anthelminthic anthelmintic anthem anthemion anther anther cell anther culture anther smut antheridium antherozoid anthesis anthill anthobian anthocyan anthocyanin anthodium anthologise anthologist anthologize anthologizer anthology anthophagy anthophore anthophyllite anthotaxy anthozoan anthracene anthracite anthracitization anthracnose anthracosis anthraquinone anthrax anthrax attack anthrax toxin anthrax vaccine anthrop anthropic principle anthropocentricism anthropocentricity anthropocentrism anthropogenesis anthropogenic carbon emission anthropogenic source anthropogeny anthropogeographer anthropogeography anthropography anthropoid anthropolater anthropolatry anthropologist anthropology anthropometer anthropometrist anthropometry anthropomorphisation anthropomorphise anthropomorphism anthropomorphist anthropomorphization anthropomorphize anthropomorphosis anthroponomist anthroponomy anthropopathism anthropopathy anthropophagite anthropophagus anthropophagy anthropophyte anthroposcopy anthroposophist anthroposophy anthurium anti anti abortion demonstration anti abortion militant anti abortion protester anti-angiogenic angiopoietin anti-bacteria drug anti-ballistic missile anti-cancer treatment anti corruption demonstration anti corruption militant anti corruption protester anti-dandruff shampoo anti-hero anti-inflation anti-intellectual anti-lock braking system anti-malaria tablet anti missile defense missile anti-roll bar anti-Semite anti-Semitism anti-smoking brigade anti-smoking campaign anti-streptolysin O titre anti-submarine combat anti-TB drug anti-terrorism law anti-terrorism legislation anti-terrorist program anti-theft steering lock anti transferrin receptor monoclonal ant anti transferrin receptor monoclonal antibody anti-utopia anti-utopian anti-worm drug antiabortionist antiagglutinant antiaggressiveness antiaircraft antiaircraft defense antiaircraftsman antialcoholism antialopecia factor antiannexationist antiaphrodisiac antiapoptic gene antiar antiaristocracy antiatheism antiatheist antiauthoritarianism antiauxin antibacterial ointment antibacterial peptide antibacterial soap antiballistic missile antibaryon antibiosis antibiotic antibiotic assay antibiotic ointment antibiotic resistance antibiotic treatment antibody antibody directed enzyme prodrug therapy antibody inhibition antibody-negative antibody-positive antibody reagent antibody secreting plasma cell antibody technology antic anticancer drug anticapitalism anticapitalist anticatalase anticatalyst anticathexis anticathode anticensoriousness anticensorship anticentralism anticentralist anticentralization anticeremonial anticeremonialism anticeremonialist anticeremoniousness antichlor anticholinesterase Antichrist antichrist antichurch campaign anticipant anticipate anticipate a payment anticipated earnings anticipation anticipator anticipatory action anticipatory control anticipatory measure anticivilian anticlassicalism anticlassicalist anticlassicalness anticlassicism anticlassicist anticlericalism anticlericalist anticlimax anticline anticlinorium anticoagulant anticoagulation anticoagulator anticoincidence anticommercialism anticommercialist anticommerciality anticommunism anticommunist anticonfederationism anticonfederationist anticonformist anticonformity anticonservatism anticonservative anticonservativeness anticonstitutionalism anticonstitutionalist anticonsumer anticontagiousness anticonventionalism anticonventionalist anticonvulsant anticorona anticorrosive anticorrosive paint anticorrosiveness anticreationism anticreationist anticreativeness anticreativity anticrime group anticriticalness anticriticism anticyclogenesis anticyclone anticynic anticynicism antidemocracy antidemocrat antidepressant antidepressant drug antidepressant medication antidepressant therapy antidepressant treatment antiderivative antidiabetic agent antidogmatism antidogmatist antidote antidrug antidrug czar antidune antiecclesiastic antiecclesiasticism antieducationalist antieducationist antiegoism antiegoist antiegotism antiegotist antiemetic antiempiric antiempiricism antiempiricist antienthusiasm antienthusiast antienzyme antievolutionist antiexpansionism antiexpansionist antiexpressionism antiexpressionist antiexpressiveness antifascism antifascist antifebrile antifederalist antifeminism antifeminist antiferromagnetic insulator antiferromagnetism antifeudalism antifeudalist antifeudalization antifoam agent antiforeignism antifouling antifreeze antifreeze protein antifriction antifriction metal antifundamentalism antifundamentalist antifungal therapy antigen antigen presentation antigen processing antigene receptor antigenic determinant antigenic drift antigenic switching antigenic variation antigenicity antiglobulin antignostic antigrammaticalness antigravity antigravity force Antiguan antihalation antihelix antihero antiheroine antihierarchism antihistamine antihumanism antihumanist antihunting antihypertensive drug antihypnotic antihysteric antiketogenesis antiknock antilepton antiliberal antiliberalism antiliberalist antiliberalness antiliturgist Antillean Antilles antilock brake antilog antilogarithm antilogy antilymphocyte globulin antilymphocyte serum antimacassar antimalarial antimasker antimasque antimasquer antimaterialism antimaterialist antimatter antimechanism antimechanist antimedievalism antimedievalist antimere antimerism antimetabolite antimethodicalness antimicrobial antimicrobial agent antimicrobial drug antimicrobial resistance antimilitarism antimilitarist antimissile antimodern antimodernism antimodernist antimonarch antimonarchism antimonarchist antimonial antimonic acid antimonious acid antimonopolist antimonsoon antimony antimony blende antimony bloom antimony cinnabar antimony crocus antimony crude antimony glance antimony ocher antimony ochre antimony salt antimony vermilion antimony white antimonyl antimoralism antimoralist antimuon antimutagen antimycotic antimystic antimysticism antinarcotic antinationalism antinationalist antinaturalism antinaturalist antinaturalness antineoplastic drug antineuritic antineutral antineutralism antineutrality antineutrino antineutron anting antinihilism antinihilist antinode antinoise antinomian antinomianism antinomy antinormality antinovel antinuclear antibody antinuclearist antinucleon antioptimism antioptimist antiorthodoxy antioxidant antioxidant drug antioxidant gene antioxidizer antioxygenation antipacifism antipacifist antipapist antiparticle antipasto antipathise antipathize antipathogen antipathy antipatriarch antipatriarchy antipatriot antipatriotism antiperiodic antiperistalsis antiperistaltis antiperspirant antiperspirant deodorant antiphilosophy antiphlogistic antiphon antiphonal antiphonary antiphony antiphospholipid antibody antiphospholipid syndrome antiphrasis antipodal cell antipode antipodean antipole antipope antipopery antipopularization antipopulism antipragmaticism antipragmatism antipragmatist antiproductiveness antiproductivity antiprohibition antiprohibitionist antiproton antipsalmist antipsychiatry antipuritan antipyresis antipyretic antipyrine antiquarian antiquarian bookshop antiquarianism antiquark antiquary antiquate antiquatedness antiquation antique antique brass antique bronze antique brown antique car antique crown antique cymbal antique dealer antique drab antique fair antique gold antique green antique oak antique red antique shop antique show antique store antiqueness antiques antiques fair antiquity antirachitic antiracing antiracism antiracist antiradical antiradicalism antirationalism antirationalist antirationality antireaction antireactionary antirealism antirealist antired antireducer antireformer antireformist antirejection drug antirejection medication antirejection therapy antirejection treatment antireligionist antireligiosity antireligious activist antireligious group antireligious propaganda antiremonstrant antirenter antirepublican antirepublicanism antiresonance antiretroviral drug antiretroviral medication antiretroviral therapy antiretroviral treatment antirevisionist antirevolutionary antirevolutionist antirheumatic antiritualism antiritualist antiromantic antiromanticism antiromanticist antiroyalism antiroyalist antirrhinum Antirrhinum majus antirust paint antisatellite weaponry antiscepticism antischolastic antischolasticism antiscorbutic antisemite antisemitism antisemitist antisense agent antisense DNA antisense drug antisense RNA antisensitivity antisensitizer antisensuality antisensuousness antisepsis antiseptic antisepticise antisepticize antiserum antiskeptic antiskepticism antismoking antisocial behavior antisociality antisophism antisophist antisophistication antisophistry antisoporific antispasmodic antisperm antibody antispiritualism antispiritualist antispreader antistater antistatic package antistatic wrist strap antistatism antistatist antistimulant antistimulation antistriker antistrophe antisudorific antisuffragist antisupernatural antisupernaturalism antisupernaturalist antisymmetry antisyndicalism antisyndicalist antisyphilitic antitermination factor antiterrorist antitheism antitheist antitheologian antithesis antithyroglobulin antibody antithyroid agent antithyroid product antitonic antitoxin antitrade antitraditionalist antitragus antitranspirant antitrinitarian antitrust action antitrust lawyer antitrust move antitrust official antitrust policy antitrust suit antitussive antitype antiutilitarian antiutilitarianism antivaccine activist antivenene antivenin antiviral antiviral drug antivitamin antivivisectionist antiworld antler antler lichen antlers antlion antonomasia antonym antonymy antre antrum ants' eggs ants in your pants ants' nest antshrike antthrush Antwerp blue Antwerp brown Antwerp red anuran anuresis anuria anus anvil anvil bat anvil block anvil chisel anvil cloud anxiety anxiety attack anxiety equivalent anxiety letter anxiolytic anxiousness anybodies anybody anybody's game anybody's guess Anzac Anzac biscuit aorist aorta aortic insufficiency aortic occlusion aortic regurgitation aortic stenosis aortic ultrasound aortitis aortography aoudad Aoyama's fluid Apache apache Apache dance Apache pine Apache plume apagoge apanage aparejo apartheid apartheid policy apartheid regime apartheid regulation apartment apartment block apartment building apartment complex apartment hotel apartment house apartment owner apartment rent apartment seeker apartment tower apartment unit apartness apathy apatite ape ape-ape ape fissure ape hand ape-man apeman aper apercu aperient aperiodicity aperitif Apert syndrome apertometer aperture aperture card aperture correction aperture function aperture plane aperture plate aperture synthesis aperture vignette apery aperþu apetalousness apetaly apex apex beat apex stone APGAR score Apgar score aphaeresis aphagia aphakia aphanite aphanitism aphasia aphasiac aphasic aphelandra aphelion apheliotropism aphemia apheresis aphesis aphetise aphetize aphid aphidian aphis aphonia aphony aphorise aphoriser aphorism aphorist aphorize aphorizer aphrodisia aphrodisiac aphtha aphylly apiarist apiary apical abscess apical dominance apical meristem apiculture apiculturist apiculus aping apiologist apiology apishness aplanatic point aplanogamete aplanospore aplasia aplastic anaemia aplite aplomb aplustre apnea apneusis apnoea apocalypse apocalypse watcher apocalypticism apocalyptist apocarp apocarpy apocenter apocentricity apochromat apochromatic objective apochromatism apocopate apocopation apocope apocrite apocrypha apocryphalness apocynthion apodeme apodosis apoenzyme apoferritin apogamy apogee apogeotropism apograph Apollian problem apollo apologete apologetic apologetics apologia apologise apologiser apologist apologize apologizer apologue apology apolune apomict apomixis apomorphine aponeurosis apophasis apophony apophthegm apophyge apophyllite apophysis apoplast apoplectic apoplexy apoprotein apoptosis apoptosis inhibitor apoptotic cell apoptotic death apoptotic signal apopyle aporia aposiopesis apospory apostasy apostate apostatise apostatism apostatize apostil apostle apostle bird apostle jug apostle plant apostle's Creed apostle spoon apostlehood Apostles' Creed apostleship apostolate Apostolic Father apostolicism apostolicity apostrophe apostrophise apostrophize apothecary apothecary jar apothecium apothegm apothem apotheosis apotheosise apotheosize apotropaism app appal appalachian Appalachian brown Appalachian Mountains appall appaloosa appanage apparat apparatchik apparatus apparel apparel company apparel maker apparel sale apparel trade apparent magnitude apparent solar time apparent viscosity apparentement apparentness apparition apparitor appatatise appatatize appeal appeal against appeal broadcast appeal charge Appeal Court appeal court appeal fund appeal judge appeal procedure appeal to appealability appealer appealingness appear appear again appear before the court appear before the judge appear in court appear on the scene appear on the stage appear to be appearance appearances appearer appeasableness appease appease one's hunger appeasement appeaser appel appellant appellation appellative appellativeness appellee appellor append appendage appendance appendancy appendant appendectomy appendence appendency appendicectomy appendicitis appendicle appendicular skeleton appendix appentice appenzell apperceive apperception appersonation appertain appertain to appestat appetence appetency appetiser appetiser wine appetite appetite suppressant appetizer appetizer wine applaud applauder applause apple apple anthracnose apple banana apple bee apple blossom apple blotch apple box apple brandy apple card apple cheese apple corer apple crumble apple domain apple essence apple family apple fly Apple founder apple green apple grunt apple gum apple haw apple head apple honey apple jack apple-john apple-knocker apple leafhopper apple mealybug apple mildew apple moss apple moth apple oil apple pandowdy apple-peru apple pie bed apple-polish apple-polisher apple pox apple province apple red apple rose apple sauce apple sawfly apple scab apple scald apple scale apple shell apple snail apple-squire apple strudel apple sucker apple tree apple weevil apple-woman apple worm applecart applejack applesauce applesnits Appleton layer appliance appliance company appliance market appliance repairman appliance store applicability applicable maximum prison term applicableness applicant application application fee application form application process application protocol applicator applied art applier applique apply apply at apply for apply insulating material apply insulation apply lotion to apply o.s. to apply to appoggiatura appoint appointee appointer appointment appointment business appointment system appointments appointments today appointor apport apportion apportioner apportionment apportionment clause apposability appose apposer appositeness apposition apposition beach apposition eye appositive appraisal appraisal director appraisal regulation appraise appraisement appraiser appraiser's store appreciate appreciation appreciativeness appreciator apprehend apprehender apprehensibility apprehension apprehensiveness apprentice apprentice cobbler apprenticehood apprenticeship appressorium apprisal apprise apprisement appriser apprizal apprize apprizement apprizer appro approach approach-approach conflict approach-avoidance conflict approach bid approach graft approach light approach official approach procedure approach road approach signal approach stage approachability approachableness approacher approbate approbation approbativeness approbator appropriacy appropriate appropriateness appropriation appropriationist appropriations bill appropriations panel appropriativeness appropriator approvability approval approval process approvals procedure approve approve of approved school approvedness approver approximate approximate to approximation appulse appurtenance appurtenances apraxia apricot apricot chutney apricot feeder apricot palm apricot plum April April Fools' day April Fools' trick April shower apriorism apriorist apriority aprÌs-ski apron apron man apron piece apron stage apron-string hold apron-string tenure apron wall aprosexia apse apsidal precession apsidal wave apsidiole apsis apterism apterium apteryx aptitude aptness APUD cell Apulian pottery apurinic DNA apurinic site apyrexia apyrimidinic site aqua aqua gray aqua green aqua system aqua vitae aquacade aquaculture aquaemanale aquaerobics aquafortis aqualung aqualunger aquamanale aquamanile aquamarine aquanaut aquaphobia aquaplane aquaplaner aquarelle aquarellist aquarist aquarium Aquarius aquarius aquashow aquatic aquatic biologist aquatic biology aquatic park aquatic root aquatic sports aquatint aquatinter aquatization aquatone aquavit aqueduct aqueous ammonia aqueous humor aqueous solution aqueousness aquiclude aquiculture aquiculturist aquifer aquilegia aquilinity Aquillan stipulation aquotise aquotization aquotize ar ara Arab arab Arab league Arab world araban arabesque arabesque spin Arabian arabian Arabian baboon Arabian bird Arabian brown Arabian gum Arabian horse Arabian hyrax Arabian Nights Arabian peninsula Arabian plate Arabian red Arabian Sea Arabian senna Arabian tea Arabic arabicise arabicize Arabidopsis thaliana arability arabinose arabis arabise Arabist arabization arabize arable arable farmer arable farming arable land arachidonic acid arachis arachis oil arachne arachnid arachnidan arachnoid arachnoid granulation arachnologist arachnology Aragon spur aragonite arak Araks river araldite Aramaean Aramaic Aramaic alphabet aramaise aramaize Aran Aran Islands Aran sweater Aran wool araneid arapaho Arapahoe arapaima araroba Araucanian araucaria Arawakan arbalest arbalester arbalist arbalister arbiter arbitrage arbitrage specialist arbitrager arbitrageur arbitrament arbitrariness arbitrary arbitrate arbitrate between arbitration arbitration award arbitration board arbitration case arbitration panel arbitration tribunal arbitrationist arbitrator arbitrement arbitrer arbitress arbor arborescence arboretum arboriculture arboriculturist arborisation arborise arborist arborization arborize arborvitae arbour arbovirologist arbovirology arbovirus infection arbutus arbutus pink arc arc chute arc cosecant arc cosine arc cotangent arc discharge arc secant arc second arc sine arc spectrum arc tangent arc triangulation arc weld arc welder arca arcade arcade fight Arcadian Arcadianism Arcadic arcana arcane arcaneness arcanist arcanum arcature arch arch bar arch brace arch brick arch buttress arch center arch dam arch-enemy arch order arch over arch-poet arch press arch ring arch-rival arch spring arch stone arch wire Archaean archaeoastronomer archaeoastronomy archaeobotanist archaeobotany archaeocyte archaeological excavation archaeological site archaeologist archaeology archaeomagnetism archaeopteryx archaeoraptor archaeornis archaeozoic archaeozoologist archaeozoology archaise archaiser archaism archaist archaize archaizer archangel archanthropine archbanc archbishop archbishopric archconfraternity archcriminal archdeacon archdeaconate archdeaconry archdeaconship archdiocese archduchess archduchy archduke archdukedom Archean archebanc arched root archegonium archenemy archenteron archeoastronomer archeoastronomy archeobotanist archeobotany archeocyte archeological excavation archeological find archeological trove archeological zone archeologist archeology archeomagnetism archeozoic archeozoologist archeozoology archer archer fish archerfish archery archespore archesporium archetto archetypal hero archetypal villain archetype archfiend archiblast archicarp archidiaconate archiepiscopacy archiepiscopate archil Archilochian strophe archimage archimandrite Archimedean drill Archimedean screw Archimedean solid Archimedean spiral Archimedes' principle Archimedes' problem Archimedes' screw archine arching archipelago archiphoneme archiplasm architect architectonics architects' scale architectural marvel architectural treasure architecture architecture school architrave archival material archival work archive archives archiving archivist archivolt archlute archness archon archonship archoplasm archpriest archpriesthood archpriestship archrival archsee archt archway arcing contact arcograph arcos arcosolium arcsin arctan arctic Arctic birch Arctic bluebell Arctic chamomile Arctic char arctic circle Arctic fox Arctic front Arctic grass Arctic hysteria Arctic ice Arctic owl Arctic penguin Arctic poppy Arctic seal Arctic skipper Arctic skua arctic temperature Arctic tern Arctic willow Arctic wolf arcticise arcticize arcticologist arcticology arctiid arctophile arcuation ardeb ardency ardent love ardentness ardor ardour arduousness are area area agent area bishop area bombing area businessman area code area defence area earthquake area home area horse area linguistics area research area resident area stage area study area target area triangulation area vector area wall area woman areal linguistics areas difference areas eligible areaway areca aren's arena arena being arena stage arena theatre arenaceous rock arene arenite arenosity areography areola areolation areole areologist areology Areopagite arethusa arfvedsonite argal argali Argand diagram Argand lamp Argand oil argasid Argelander's method argemone oil argent argentaffin cell argentiferous sand Argentina Argentine argentine Argentine ant Argentine People Argentinean Argentines Argentinian Argentinians argentite argentum arghool argil argillite arginine argininosuccinic aciduria arglebargle argol argon argonaut argonon argosy argot argue argue about argue against argue for argue over arguer argufier argufy argument argument session argumentation argumentativeness argumentise argumentiveness argumentize argumentum argus Argus brown Argus eye argus shell argy-bargy argyle argyll argyrodite argyrol arhat arhatship aria Arian Arianism ariboflavinosis aridity aridiy aridness ariel ariel gazelle Aries arietta ariette arik aril arillode arioso arise arise from arista aristarch aristarchy aristocracy aristocrat aristodemocracy Aristotelian aristotelian Aristotelian logic Aristotelianism Aristotle's lantern aristotype arithmancy arithmetic arithmetic and logic unit arithmetic series arithmetic unit arithmetical ratio arithmetician arithmetization arithmomancy Arizona cardinal Arizona gourd Arizona jay Arizona pine Arizona ruby Arizona walnut ark Ark of the Covenant Arkansan Arkansas goldfinch Arkansas kingbird Arkansas stone Arkansas toothpick Arkansawyer arkie arkose arkwright arles arles-penny arm arm bar arm-bone arm fracture arm garter arm maker arm measurement arm oneself arm race arm rest arm shipment arm spread arm stake arm-wrestle arm-wrestling armada armadillo Armageddon armageddon Armagnac armament armamentarium armaments armarian armarium armary armature armature reaction armband armchair armchair strategist armed action armed attack armed band armed camp armed cell armed commando armed confrontation armed criminal armed escort armed extremist armed force armed forces armed formation armed gang armed group armed guard armed insurrection armed intervention armed militant armed movementt armed neutrality armed officer armed police armed policeman armed protection armed robber armed services armed struggle armed thug armed unit armed uprising armed volunteer armed wing Armenian Armenian alphabet Armenian blue Armenian bole Armenian Catholic Armenian red Armenian stone armer armeria armes armet armful armguard armhole armiger armill armilla arming arming press Arminian Arminian Baptist Arminianism armipotence armistice armlet armload armoire armomancy armor armor base armor cruiser armorbearer armored car armored car robbery armored division armored personnel carrier armored vehicle armorer armorial armoric Armorican armorist armory armour armour-bearer armour plate armour-plate armour-plating armourbearer armoured car armoured tan armourer armouring armoury armpad armpit armpit hair armrest arms arms agreement arms buyer arms cache arms controller arms dealer arms dealing arms depot arms duel arms dump arms embargo arms export arms facility arms factory arms find arms fire arms import arms maker arms manufacturer arms market arms middleman arms monitoring arms negotiation arms negotiator arms of Morpheus Arms of Patronage arms priority arms procurement arms producer arms program arms programme arms purchase arms purchaser arms reduction arms repository arms sale arms smuggler arms smuggling arms supplier arms trade arms trafficking arms treaty arms twisting arms wrestling armure army army academy army and police forces army aviation army barracks army brat army brown army captain army checkpoint army chief army colonel army commander army convoy army crackdown army depot Army deserter army detachment Army drug army expert army forces army garrison army general army group army guard Army gunfire army hand army headquarter Army headquarters army headquarters Army helicopter army helicopter army helmet army leader Army List Army list army lorry army manufacturer army medic army medical army memorial Army officer army patrol army personnel army rampage army rank army rebel army recruit army reinforcement army report army reserves army roadblock Army sergeant army soldier army spokesman army surplus store army takeover army today army toy army troop army trooper army unit army woman armyworm arna arnatto Arneth index arnica aroid aroma aromatherapist aromatherapy aromatherapy lamp aromatherapy oil aromatic aromatic chemistry aromatic polyketide aromaticity aromaticness aromatico aromatisation aromatise aromatiser aromatization aromatize aromatizer arounder arousal arouse arouse curiosity arouser arpeggiation arpeggio arpent arquebus arquebusier arrack arraign arraigner arraignment arraignment today arrange arrange alphabetically arrange an appointment arrange an appointment with arrange to meet arrange to meet up arrange to meet up with arrange to meet with arrange with arranged marriage arrangement arranger arras array array processor arrayal arrayer arrear arrearage arrears arrears payment arrenotoky arrest arrest record arrested growth arrested man arrestee arrester arresting gear arrestment arrestor Arretine ware Arrhenius equation Arrhenius plot arrhenotoky arrhythmia arris arrival arrival ceremony arrival lounge arrival platform arrival statement arrival today arrivals board arrivals hall arrivals indicator arrivals lounge arrive arrive at arrive at an impasse arriver arrivisme arriviste arroba arrogance arrogancy arrogate arrogation arrogator arrondissement arrow arrow-back arrow bamboo arrow crab arrow horn arrow key arrow rest arrow straightener arrow tip arrow worm arrowgrass arrowhead arrowroot arrowwood arrowworm arroyo arse arse-crawler arse-foot arse-kisser arse-kissing arse-licker arse-licking arsehole arsenal arsenate arsenic arsenic antidote arsenic bloom arsenic poisoning arsenic pollution arsenic trisulphide arsenical arsenide arsenious acid arsenious oxide arsenite arsenolite arsenopyrite arshin arsine arsis arson arson attack arsonist arsphenamine art art book art broker art business art buyer art center art club art collector art college art column art contest Art Council art critic art establishment art exhibit art fair art festival art film art gallery art gray art green art history art house art industry art instructor art insurance art lot art lover art marble art market art material art music art needlework art object art owner art pottery art price art product art shop art show art society art song art square art store art theater art therapy art trade art trove art union art work art work arterial system art world artal artefact artel artemisia arterial arterial embolism arterial line arterial pathology arterial perfusion arterial plethysmography arterial pressure arterial road arterial system arterial vein arterialisation arterialise arterialization arterialize arteriography arteriolar nephrosclerosis arteriole arteriology arteriosclerosis arteriotomy arteriovenous fistula arteriovenous malformation arteriovenous shunt arteritis artery artery X-ray artesian well artesonado Artex artex artful dodger artfulness arthralgia arthrectomy arthritic arthritic condition arthritis arthritis drug arthritis joint arthritis medication arthritis nodosa arthritis pathology arthritis therapy arthritis treatment arthrodia arthrodire arthrography arthrology arthromere arthropathy arthroplasty arthropod arthroscope arthroscopy arthrosis arthrospore Arthus phenomenon Arthus reaction artic Artic Circle Artic timothy artichoke artichoke green artichoke thistle article articled clerk articles articles of apprenticeship articles of association articles of confederation articulability articulacy articulate articulateness articulation articulation index articulator articulatory phonetics artifact artifice artificer artificial blood artificial classification artificial climbing artificial coloring artificial fertiliser artificial fertilizer artificial fiber artificial flavoring artificial hill artificial kidney artificial lake artificial life artificial liver artificial lung artificial pneumothorax artificial port artificial selection artificial silk artificial stone artificial sugar artificial tooth artificialise artificiality artificialize artificialness artillerist artillery artillery attack artillery barrage artillery battle artillery company artillery contract artillery duel artillery explosion artillery gun artillery park artillery round artillery shell artillery train artillery waggon artillery warfare artillery wheel artilleryman artiness artiodactyl artisan artisanship artist artist lithography artist's colony artist's material artist's proof artiste artistic development artistic director artistic expression artistic innovation artistic milestone artistic sense artistic temperament artistic trend artistry artlessness artmaking artotype arts arts college arts degree arts endowment arts funding arts group arts industry arts institution arts product arts program arts project artsman artwork artwork price arty arty-craftiness arum arum lily aruspex aruspicy arvo Aryan aryan aryanise aryanize aryballus aryl aryl sulphatase arylamine arylation arytaenoid arytenoid arythmia as asafetida asafoetida asana asarabacca asarum asbestos asbestos cement asbestos disease asbestos factory asbestos fiber asbestos level asbestos manufacturer asbestos mat asbestos researcher asbestos victim asbestosis asbestus asbolane ascariasis ascariasis infection ascarid ascaridole ascaris ascend ascend the stairs ascendance ascendancy ascendant ascendence ascendency ascendent ascender ascendeur ascending diphthong ascending letter ascending node ascending rhythm ascending series ascension ascensionist Ascensiontide ascent ascertain ascertain that ascertainableness ascertainer ascertainment ascesis ascetic asceticism Aschoff body ascidian ascidium ASCII code ascites ascites tumor ascites tumour ascitic tumor ascitic tumour Asclepiad Asclepiadean asclepias ascocarp ascogonium ascomycete ascorbic acid ascospore ascot Ascot tan ascribe ascribe to ascription ascus asdic aseity asepsis aseptic aseptic meningitis aseptic technique asepticise asepticism asepticize asexual asexual diploid asexual haploid asexualisation asexuality asexualization Asgard ash ash-bin ash blond ash borer ash can ash cloud ash cone ash dump ash field ash-fire ash furnace ash-hole ash north ash oven ash-pit ash plain ash-plant ash rock ash rose ash rust ash sample ash sawfly ash shower ash Wednesday ash wednesday ashamedness Ashanti Ashanti pepper ashbox ashcan asherah ashery ashes ashet ashiness ashkenazi ashkey ashland ashlar ashlaring ashler ashman ashplant ashram ashtray ashy ashy material Asia Asia Minor Asian Asian-American Asian Briton Asian erythroblastosis Asian influenza Asians Asiatic bronze Asiatic class aside asiderite asinine remark asininity ask ask a favor ask a favour ask a question ask after ask back ask back again ask for ask for a girl's hand ask for a girl's hand in marriage ask for charity ask for it ask for trouble ask in ask of ask oneself if ask oneself whether ask out ask over ask round Askanazy cell askarel askari asked price asker askesis asking bid asking price ASO titre Asokan column asp asparaginase asparagine asparagus asparagus beetle asparagus broccoli asparagus lettuce asparagus plant asparagus stone asparagus tip aspartate protease aspartate receptor aspect aspectual auxiliary aspectual verb aspen aspen tortrix asper Asperges aspergill aspergillosis aspergillosis precipitin aspergillum aspergillus aspergillus antigen skin test asperity aspermia asperse asperser aspersion aspersorium asphalt asphalt cement asphalt lamination asphalt macadam asphalt mastic asphalt paper asphalt process asphalt rock asphalt shingle asphaltene asphaltite asphaltum asphenc lens asphodel asphodel green asphyxia asphyxiant asphyxiate asphyxiation asphyxiator aspic aspidistra aspirant aspirant actor aspirant manager aspirata aspirate aspirating stroke aspiration aspiration biopsy aspiration pneumonia aspirator aspire aspire to aspirer aspirin aspiring author aspiring journalist asplenium ass ass-head ass's ear assagai assai palm assail assailableness assailant assailer assailment assassin assassin fly assassinate assassination assassination attempt assassination plot assassination scheme assassinator assaugement assault assault boat assault case assault change assault course assault craft assault fire assault pistol assault rifle assault ship assault weapon assaulter assay assay-master assay office assay system assay ton assayer assaying assegai assegai tree assegai wood assemblage assemble assembled company assembler assembling assembly assembly bottleneck assembly district assembly employee assembly institutions assembly line assembly man assembly mark assembly meeting assembly operation assembly place assembly plant assembly point assembly room assembly's fan cable assembly shop assembly woman assembly worker assemblyman assemblywoman assent assent to assentation assenter assentient assenting assentor assert assert o.s. assert oneself asserter assertion assertiveness assertiveness training assertor assertory oath asses' bridge assess assess wrongly assessment assessment company assessment insurance assessment register assessment task assessment work assessor assessorship asset asset currency asset management asset manager asset stripper asset stripping assets assets and liabilities asseverate asseveration asshead asshole assibilate assibilation assiduity assiduousness assign assign to assign to groups assignability assignat assignation assignee assigner assignment assignment reporter assignor assimilability assimilate assimilate into Jewish culture assimilation assimilationist assimilativeness assimilator assist assist device assist in assistance assistance caller assistance device assistance initiative assistance loan assistant assistant comptroller assistant director assistant directorship assistant professorship assistant sales manager assistant secretary assistant superintendent assistantship assisted passage assisted place assisted reproduction assisted suicide assister assistor assize associability associableness associate associate company associate dean associate director associate judge associate justice associate member associate membership associate professorship associate with Associated Press associated press editor associateship association association board association book association center association constant association copy association fibers Association football association football association official association psychology association test associationism associationist associative law associative learning associative mating associative retrieval associative storage associative store associativeness associator assoil assoilment assonance assort assorter assortment assuage assuagement assuager assumability assume assume possession of assume power assume responsibility for assumer assumpsit Assumption assumption assurance assure assure o.s. assure o.s. of assuredness assurer assurgency assuror Assyrian assyrian Assyrian plum Assyriologist Assyriology astable astasia astaticism astatide astatine astatise astatize aster aster cloth aster leafhopper aster purple aster yellows astereognosis asteria asteriscus asterisk asterism asterixis asteroid asteroid belt asteroid impact asteroidean asthenia asthenic personality asthenope asthenopia asthenosphere astheny asthma asthma drug asthma herb asthma paper asthma sufferer asthma weed asthmatic asthmatic bronchospasm astigmatic astigmatism astigmatizer astigmatometry astigmatoscope astigmatoscopy astigmia astigmometer astigmometry astigmoscope astilbe astonish astonisher astonishingness astonishment astound astrachan astraea astragal astragalomancy astragalus astrakhan Astrakhan hat astral body astral lamp astral spirits astraphobia astrict astriction astrictive astrictiveness astringence astringency astringent astringent root astringer astrionics astrobiology astrobleme astrobotany astrochemistry astrocompass astrocyte astrodome astrodynamics astrogate astrogation astrogator astrogeology astrograph astrography astroid astrol astrolabe astrologer astrologian astrological sign astrologise astrologist astrologize astrology astromancer astromancy astrometry astronaut astronaut candidate astronautics astronauts today astronavigation astronavigator astronomer Astronomer Royal astronomer's staff astronomical clock astronomical day astronomical research astronomical researcher astronomical triangle astronomise astronomist astronomize astronomy astronomy community astrophotography astrophysicist astrophysics astrosphere astucity astuteness asylum asylum seeker asylum team asymmetric centre asymmetry asymptote asynapsis asynchronism asynchronous EDO DRAM parity asynchrony asyndeton asynergia asynergy asystole at AT content at-home atabal atacamite ataghan ataman atamasco lily ATAPI device ataractic ataraxia ataraxic ataraxy atavism atavist ataxia ataxiaim ataxic gait ataxite ataxy atebrin atelectasis ateleiosis atelier ateliosis Athabaskan Athapascan Athapaskan athar atheise atheism atheist atheist regime atheist state atheisticness atheize athel athel tree atheling athenaeum atheneum Athenian atherine athermalise athermalize athermancy atherogenesis atheroma atheromatosis atherosclerosis atherosclerotic plaque athetise athetize athetosis athlete athlete's heart athletic association athletic club athletic support athleticism athletics athletics meeting athmolysis athodyd athrocyte athrocytosis atka mackerel Atlantic blue crab Atlantic bonito Atlantic brant Atlantic Charter Atlantic croaker Atlantic flyway Atlantic halibut Atlantic kittiwake Atlantic pomfret Atlantic Province Atlantic puffin Atlantic salmon Atlantic salt-fish Atlantic seal Atlantic States Atlantic Time Atlantic time atlas Atlas beetle Atlas cedar Atlas moth ATM machine atman atmolysis atmometer atmometry atmosphere atmosphere neutrino atmospheric carbon dioxide atmospheric chemist atmospheric chemistry atmospheric circulation atmospheric compound atmospheric dust atmospheric engine atmospheric flow atmospheric moisture atmospheric railway atmospheric turbulence atmospherics atoacoustic emission Atoff projection Atoff's projection atoll atom atom beam atom bomb atom laser Atom spy atomic blast atomic bomb atomic club Atomic Energy Commission atomic heat atomic hydrogen atomic particle atomic philosophy atomic pile atomic power atomic power station atomic program atomic programme atomic scientist atomic structure atomic volume atomic war atomic weapon atomic weapon test atomic weapons atomicity atomics atomisation atomise atomiser atomism atomist atomistics atomization atomize atomizer atomy atonalism atonalist atonality atone atonement atoner atonicity atony atopic eczema atopy ATP synthase atrabiliousness atrazine atresia atrial flutter atrial gland atrial myxoma atrium atrociousness atrocity atrophic vaginitis atrophy atropin atropine atropism Atropos ATT site attabal attach attach a penalty to attach importance to attach significance to attach to attache attacher attachment attachment disk attachment plug attack attack at full speed attack civilian attack furiously attack helicopter attack jet attack plane attack squadron attack transport attacker attackman attain attainability attainableness attainder attainer attainment attainment target attaint attainture attapulgite attar attemper attemperator attemperment attempt attemptability attempted arson attempted burglary attempted carjacking attempted corruption attempted coup attempted extortion attempted insurrection attempted kidnapping attempted murder attempted rape attempted robbery attempter attend attend a school attend classes attend lectures attend to attendance attendance allowance attendance area attendance center attendance centre attendance officer attendance record attendance register attendant attendant term attendants union attendee attender attention attention deficit disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder attention line attention-seeking attention span attentiveness attenuant attenuate attenuation attenuation coefficient attenuation constant attenuation factor attenuator attest attest to attestant attestation attestator attested cattle attested fact attested milk attester attestor Attic attic Attic base Attic dialect Attic order attic order attic room attic stairs attic story attic window atticise atticism atticist atticize Attila the Hun attingence attingency attire attirement attitude attitude gyro attitude scale attitudes problem attitudinarian attitudinarianism attitudinise attitudiniser attitudinize attitudinizer attorn attorney attorney argument attorney generalship attorney office attorney spokesman attorneyship attornment attract attract attention attractableness attractant attracter attraction attraction cone attraction sphere attractions downtown attractive potential attractiveness attractor attributable profit attribute attribute class attribute domain attribute relationship attribute to attribute value attributer attribution attributive attributive adjective attributiveness attributor attrit attrition attrition mill attune attunement atty atypical cell atypical nevi atypical pneumonia au pair aubade auberge aubergine aubergine purple aubergiste aubretia aubrieta aubrietia auburn auction auction hall auction market auction mart auction monkey auction off auction pool auction process auction room auction sale auctioneer audaciousness audacity audibility audible error code audibleness audience audience-chamber audience court audience feel audience flow audience participation audience rating audience reaction audience research audile audio audio-audio connector audio book audio cassette audio channel audio configuration audio connector audio file audio guide audio jack audio line audio secretary audio signal audio subsystem audio tape audio typing audio typist audiobook audiocassette audiogram audiologist audiology audiometer audiometrist audiometry audion audiophile audiotape audiotext audiotyping audiotypist audiovisual market audiphone audit audit ale audit-house audit-room audit trail auditing audition auditor auditor-general auditor's report auditorium auditors auditorship auditory input auditory phonetics auditory scanning auditory transduction Audubon's caracara Audubon's shearwater Audubon Society Audubon warbler Auerbach's plexus aufklõrung Augean stable augend auger auger beetle auger bit auger conveyor Auger defect Auger effect Auger electron auger-hole Auger shell auger shell Auger shower auger stem aught augite augment augmentation augmentative augmented reality augmenter augmentor augur augurship augury August August meteor Augustal Prefect Augustan Augustin process Augustinian Augustinian hermit Augustinianism augustness Aujeszky's disease auk auklet auld lang syne auld thief Aulic Council aulophyte aumbry aumildar aummbulatory aune aunt aunt Sally auntie aunty aura aural aural polyp auramine aureateness aurelia aurelian aureola aureole aureolin Aureomycin aureus auric acid auricle auricula auricular finger auricular witness auricularia auriferous bed aurification Aurignacian Aurignacian man auriscope aurist aurochs aurora aurora snake aurum aus ausculate ausculation auscultate auscultation auscultator ausforming auspex auspicate auspice auspiciousness austenite austenitise austenitize austereness austerity austerity cure austerity measure austerity policy austerity program austral austral autumn austral spring austral summer austral winter Australasian Australia Australia antigen Australian Australian Antarctic Territory Australian anteater Australian badger Australian banyan Australian baobab Australian bear Australian beech Australian bluebell Australian bluegrass Australian brake Australian Capital Territory Australian cat Australian cattle-dog Australian cherry Australian cranberry Australian currant Australian football Australian glasswort Australian gourd Australian gum Australian heeler Australian honeysuckle Australian ironbark Australian laurel Australian lilac Australian mahogany Australian millet Australian nut Australian oak Australian oat Australian poker Australian rosewood Australian Rules Australian Rules football Australian salmon Australian saltbush Australian sarsaparilla Australian sassafras Australian shamrock Australian tamarind Australian teak Australian walnut Australian willow australianise Australianism australianize Australians australite Australoid australorp Austria Austrian Austrian blind Austrian brier Austrian copper Austrian oak Austrian pine Austrian school Austrians austringer Austroasiatic Austronesian autacoid autarch autarchist autarchy autarkist autarky auteciousness autecism autecology auteur auteur theory authenticate authentication authenticator authenticity authentification author author catalog author entry author index author number author's alteration author's correction author's edition authoress authorisation authorise authoriser authoritarian authoritarian method authoritarianism authoritativeness authorities authorities today authority authority board authority figure authorization authorization bill authorize authorized agent authorized capital authorized dealer authorizer authorship autism autist auto auto accident auto analyst auto assembler auto body auto brand auto buyer auto collision auto configuration auto-correlation auto dealer auto division auto emission auto enthusiast auto executive auto expense auto export auto factory auto importer auto industry auto line auto loan auto market auto mechanic auto part auto plant auto producer auto question auto-rifle auto sale auto shipment auto start auto-teller auto theft auto worker auto wrench autoallogamy autoantibody autobahn autobiographer autobiography autobus autocade autocatalysis autocephaly autochanger autochrome autochromy autochthon autochthonism autochthonousness autochthony autoclave autoclave cipher autocoid autocollimation autocollimator autoconfigure autoconfigure routine autocorrelation autocracy autocrat autocrine cytokine autocross Autocue autocue autocycle autodestruct autodestruction autodidact autodyne autoeciousness autoecism autoeroticism autoerotism autogamy autogenesis autogenous control autogeny autogiro autograft autograph autograph book autograph-hunter autograph session autography autogyro autoharp autohypnosis autoignition autoimmune arthritis autoimmune attack autoimmune disease autoimmune disorder autoimmune hepatitis autoimmune syndrome autoimmunisation autoimmunity autoimmunization autoinfection autoinoculation autointoxication autoionisation autoionization autokinesis autolithography autologous bone marrow transplant autolysate autolyse autolysin autolysis autolyze automaker automaking automat automata theory automate automated process automated system automatic automatic epilepsy automatic firearm automatic gunfire automatic landing automatic mechanism automatic nervous system automatic pilot automatic rifle automatic selling automatic system automatic weapon automatic writing automaticity automatictacessing automation automation business automation equipment automation industry automatisation automatise automatism automatist automatization automatize automatograph automaton automechanism autometer automobile automobile accident automobile advertising automobile analyst automobile assembler automobile brand automobile buyer automobile collision automobile company automobile dealer automobile emission automobile exhaust automobile factory automobile loan automobile maker automobile manufacturer automobile market automobile part automobile plant automobile shipment automobile sled automobile theft automobile-weed automobilia automobilist automorphism automotive business automotive industry automotive market autonomic hyperreflexia autonomic neuropathy autonomics autonomisation autonomist autonomy autonym autooxidation autophosphorylation autophyte autopilot autopilot control autopista autoplant autoplast autoplasty autopolyploid autopolyploidy autopsist autopsy autoput autoradiogram autoradiograph autoradiography autoreflection autoregulatory loop autorickshaw autorotation autoroute autosensitization autosome autospore autostability autostoper autostrada autosuggestibility autosuggestion autosuggestionist autotelism autotimer autotomise autotomize autotomizer muscle autotomy autotoxaemia autotoxemia autotoxin autotransformer autotransplant autotroph autotrophic bacteria autotrophy autotruck autotype autotypy autowinder autoworker autoxaemia autoxemia autoxidation autoxidise autoxidize autumn autumn blond autumn brown autumn equinox autumn gentian autumn glory autumn green autumn holidays autumn leaf autumn mange autumn oak autumn revolution autumn sale autumn sales autumn session autumn snowflake autumn squill autumn summit autumn term autumn tints autumn willow autunite aux auxanometer auxerrois auxesis auxiliaries auxiliary auxiliary nurse auxiliary symbol auximone auxin auxin signaling auxin transport auxochrome auxocyte auxospore auxotroph av block av conduction av fistula av malformation av node av shunt avadavat avail avail oneself of availability availableness avalanche avalanche conduction avalanche slope avant-garde avantist avanturine avaram bark avarice avariciousness avatar ave Ave Maria avel Avena test avenge avenge o.s. avenger avenging angel avens aventail aventurin aventurine avenue aver average average adjustment average family average out average person average wages average writer averageness averment Averroism Averroist averseness aversion aversion therapy avert averter Averza's disease avgas avgolemono avianise avianize aviarist aviary aviate aviation aviation accident aviation activity aviation agreement aviation authority aviation bill aviation cadet aviation director aviation disaster aviation engineer aviation fuel aviation history aviation hub aviation industry aviation insurance aviation law aviation legislation aviation link aviation medicine aviation pioneer aviation regiment aviation subcommittee aviator aviator glasses aviator's ear aviatress aviatrix avicularium aviculture aviculturist avidin avidity avidness avifauna avigation avigator avignon berry avion avionics avirulence aviso avitaminosis avizandum avo avocado avocado green avocado salad avocation avocet avodire Avogadro constant Avogadro number Avogadro's hypothesis Avogadro's law Avogadro's number avoid avoid responsibility avoidable tragedy avoidance avoidance-avoidance conflict avoidance measure avoider avoir avoirdupois avoset avouch avoucher avouchment avow avowal avowedness avower avowry avulse avulsion avunculate await awaiter awake awaken awakener awakening award award a diploma to award a reprieve award banquet award ceremony award clerk award ribbon award wages award winner awardee awarder awards ceremony awareness awareness campaign away game away match away team awayness awe awedness awelessness awesomeness awf awful cheek awful nerve awfulness awkward age awkward squad awkwardness awl awlessness awlwort awmous awn awn grass awner awning awning cloth awning window awol ax ax-grinder ax murder axe axe-breaker axe-grinding axe-hammer axe-head axel axeman axes of coordinates axial flow axial position axial strain axial symmetry axial vector axiality axil axilemma axilla axillar axillary axillary dissection axillary neuropathy axillary node axin gene axinite axinomancy axiologist axiology axiom axiom system axiomatic geometry axiomatics axiomatise axiomatization axiomatize axion axis axis cylinder axis of abscissas axis of ordinates Axis power axite axle axle box axle grease axle load axletree axman axminster axolemma axolotl axon axon hillock axonal filament axonal growth axonal guidance axonal plasma membrane precursor axonal transport axone axonemal dyenin axonometry axoplasm axseed ayah ayahuasca ayatollah aye aye-aye aye-green ayin aymara Aymara deformation ayous Ayr stone ayre Ayrshire rose Ayrton shunt azalea azan azara's Azara's dog azathioprine azathioprine monotherapy azazel azedarach azeotrope azeotropic mixture azeotropism azeotropy Azerbaijani Azeri azerty Azerty keyboard Azetec lily Azetec marigold Azetec marron azide azimuth azimuth circle azimuth compass azimuth dial azimuthal equidistant projection azine azinphos methyl azobenzene azoimide azole azoospermia azophenylene azotaemia azote azotemia azoth azotise azotize azotobacter azoturia AZT Aztec aztec Aztec hop Aztec revenge Aztec two-step azulejo azure azure blue azure stone azurite azurmalachite azurophil granule azygospore

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