Conjugaison de be

Conjugaison du verbe be [v.]




Iam ou 'm

youare ou 're

heis ou 's

weare ou 're

youare ou 're

theyare ou 're















passé composé











Verbes se conjugant sur le même modèle :


be abhorrent of be ablaze be able to be able to cope with be able to deal with be able to get through be able to pay for be able to stand be able to take be about be about to be abreast of be absent be absorbed in be accessible to be accessory to be accommodated be accompanied by be accused of be accustomed to be acquainted with be active be addicted be addicted to be addicted to alcohol be addicted to drink be adrift be affected by senility be affronted be afire be aflame be afoot be afraid be afraid of be after be against it be agreed on be ahead be ahead of be ailing be aimed at be alive be allowed to be amazed at be amenable to be amiss be angry be annoyed be annoyed at be antipathetic to be anxious be anxious about be anxious to know if be anxious to know whether be appropriate be appropriate for be as good as dead be as good as one's word be ashamed be asleep be associated with be astir be at a standstill be at college be at death's door be at ease be at fault be at hand be at home be at it be at large be at loggerheads be at odds be at one's disposal be at one's ease be at pains be at risk be at table be at the mercy of be at the point of death be at university be at variance be at variance with be attached to be attentive to be attuned be attuned to be au fait with be authorised to be authorized to be averse to be avid for be aware of be away be back be bad be bad for be baffled be baggy be balding be bankrupt be based on be beaten by be behind be behind bars be behind the eight ball be bent be bent on be bequeathed be beside oneself be beside the question be besotted with be better than be better than expected be beyond all dispute be beyond all doubt be beyond dispute be beyond doubt be beyond question be blind to be blinkered be blown away be blown down be blown off be blown out be boating be boisterous be bold be booked up be-bop be bored be bored stiff be bored to death be bored to tears be born be born again be bound up in be bowled over be brassed off with be breathless be brewing be brief be broke be broken be browned off with be burdened by be burdened with be buried be burned out be burnt out be busy be called be called off be called out be cancelled be capable of be careful be carried away be caught up in be certain be certain about be certain of be characteristic of be charged with be cheeky be cheesed off with be choked be chuffed be circulated be close to death be co-ownerof be cock-a-hoop be cognisant of be cognizant of be cold be cold-blooded be commissioned be competent at be composed of be concerned be concerned about be concerned with be conditional upon be confered on be confered upon be confined to bed be connected with be conscious of be consistent with be consonant with be conspicuous be conspicuous for be constituted of be consumed be content be contradictory to be contrary to be convenient be convinced be convinced of be copied be correct be correlated with be corrosive be coupled with be covered with snow be crazy about be crippled with debts be cross-eyed be curious to know be cursed with be cut out for be cut out to do be damaging to be delighted be delighted with be delirious be dependent on be derailed be derived from be descended from be deserving of be desirous for be detrimental to be devoted to be diaphanous be different be disagreeable be disappointed in be discharged be discomfited be discordant be disgusted by be disobedient be dispersed by the wind be displeasing be disposed to be dissonant be distasteful be distasteful to be distinct be distressed be divided be divided about be dizzy be doing well be done be done for be doomed to die be doubled up be down be down and out be down on o.'s luck be down with be dropped be drowned be drowsy be dubious be due be dumbfounded be dumbstruck be dying be dying to know be eager for be easily offended be effective be elastic be eligible for be eliminated be elsewhere be embarrassed be embedded in be employed at be employed by be employed in be empowered to be enamored of be enamoured of be engaged be engaged in be engaged in a polemic be engaged in negotiations be engaged in negotiations of be engrossed in be enough be entitled to be entrusted with be envious be envious of be equal to be essential be established be even with be every bit as good as be excited be expecting be experienced in be expert at be expert in be exposed to be faint with hunger be faithless to one's oath be faithless to one's promise be familiar with be fast be fearful be fed up be fed up with be feverish be fine be finished be finished with be fit for be fitting be fixated on be fixed be flabbergasted be flat broke be flawed be flooded be foggy be fond of be for certain be for sure be fortunate be found be founded on be frank with someone be free to be freezing be friendly with be friends be friends with be frightened be frightened to death be frozen be frozen up be fulfilled be full be full of shortcomings be fully booked be fully booked up be furious be given be given off be given to drink be going for be going grey be going on be going to be gone be gone on be good be good at be good for be great buddies be greedy for be greying be grieved be grounded on be growing up be guilty of be guilty of corrupt practices be hand in glove with be happy be hard put to be hard put to it to be hard to take for be hard up be harmful to be hazy be head over heels in love with be heavy going for be honest about be hooked be hooked on be hungry be hungry for be hurt be idle be ignorant of be ill be imminent be important be imprisoned be improper be in be in a huff be in a position to be in accordance with be in agreement with be in bed be in bloom be in business be in cahoots with be in charge of be in circulation be in communication with be in competition with be in concordance with be in contact with be in contrast to be in contrast with be in danger be in danger of losing one's life be in debt to be in defiance of be in demand be in digs be in distress be in doubt be in earnest be in effect be in existence be in favour be in flower be in for be in force be in front be in full-time employment be in heat be in hiding be in hot water be in jail be in keeping with be in labor be in league with be in line with be in little demand be in love with be in luck be in need of be in one's dotage be in one's element be in one's second childhood be in operation be in pain be in peril of death be in poor demand be in prison be in recess be in request be in search of be in service of be in store for be in the air be in the armed forces be in the army be in the bag be in the dark about be in the employ of be in the family way be in the forces be in the habit of be in the hands of be in the lead be in the majority be in the name of be in the offing be in the pay of be in the possession of be in the red be in the right be in the seventh heaven be in the way be in top form be in travail be in trouble be in use be in view be in vogue be in want of be inappropriate be inclined to be inclined towards be incongruous be indebted to be indifferent be indifferent to be indubitable be infatuated with be inferior to be informed be insensible of be inside be intent on be intent upon be interested in be interwoven with be intimate be inundated be involved in controversy be involved in shady dealings be irate be ironic be jammed be jealous be jealous of be joined in matrimony be jubilant be just as good as be just the same be just the same to be just the thing for be keen on be kept in be kept in detention be kicking about be kicking around be killed be lacking be laden with be laid down be lame be lazy be led by be left be left cooling one's heels be left kicking one's heels be left over be left stranded be liable to be linked with be located be locked up be long in the tooth be loose be lost be loud-mouthed be lucky be lying about be lying around be mad be mad about be made up of be madly in love with be master of be mean be met with be miserly be missing be mistaken be mistaken about be moth-eaten be moved be mystified be named be naughty be nauseated by be near death be necessary be needed be nettled be next be next to be no good be no match for be not as good as be not so bad be not so bad after all be not to be found be nuts about be obsessed by be occupied be of consequence be of help be of importance be of no avail be of no importance be of no use be of relevance be of significance be of the opinion be of use be off be off key be offended be OK be on be on a diet be on a journey be on cloud nine be on drugs be on familiar terms be on fire be on first-name terms with be on friendly terms with be on good terms with be on guard be on one's beam-ends be on one's guard be on one's way be on patrol be on stand-by be on stand-by duty be on strike be on the alert be on the alert for be on the ball be on the boil be on the downgrade be on the fiddle be on the game be on the heels be on the hop be on the look-out for be on the lookout be on the lookout for be on the loose be on the mend be on the payroll of be on the qui vive be on the rampage be on the rocks be on the same wavelength as be on the streets be on the table be on the tail be on the tiles be on the verge of death be on the watch be on the way be on to be on top of the world be on trial for be on watch be open be open about be open to be operative be opportune be opposed to it be orientated towards be orphaned be out be out boozing be out for be out of breath be out of key be out of luck be out of place be out of stock be out of tune be out on strike be out on the tiles be outlined be over be over and done be over and done with be over the moon be overcome by be overcome with be overpowered by be pally be parallel be part of be partial to be paternalistic towards be patronising towards be patronizing towards be peculiar to be pellucid be permitted to be perplexed be persuaded of be piqued be plain with someone be pleased be pleased as Punch be pleased with be poor be poorly of be popular be positive be positive about be positive of be precipitated be pregnant be prepared for be prepared to be present be present at be prevalent be promoted be proper be proud of be published be puffed out be put up by be puzzled be quick-tempered be quiet be rampant be rank be ready be ready to be realized be reassured be reborn be receptive to be reconciled to be reduced to poverty be reincarnated be released be relevant be relieved be religious be reluctant to be representative of be required be reserved be resigned to be resilient be responsible for be revolted by be rich in be right be right behind be riled be rooted in be running be running a temperature be satisfied with be scared be scared out of one's wits be scattered be sceptical be sceptical about be sceptical of be seated be see-through be sensitive to be serious be settled be shaky be shipwrecked be short of be short of cash be short of money be short-tempered be sick be sick and tired be sick and tired of be sickly be significant be silent be silent about be silent as the grave be silhouetted against be situated be skeptical be skeptical about be skeptical of be skilful at be skilled in be sleepy be slow be snowed in be snowed up be snowing be sold out be somewhere else be sorry about be sorry for be sought after be speaker be speaking be speechless be spoken for be spread be springy be squint-eyed be startled be starving be stingy be stirring be stranded be struck dumb be stuck be stumped be stunned be stupefied be subject to be subordinate to be subservient to be subsidiary to be successful be successful in be sufficient be suggestive of be suitable for be suitable to be suited for be suited to be suited to be be superior be supposed to be supposed to be be sure be sure about be sure of be sure of oneself be sure to win hands down be surprised at be susceptible to be suspended be suspicious be sweet on be symptomatic of be taken be taken ill be there be thin-skinned be thirsty be thirsty for be thought-of be tied up with be tired of be to be to blame for be told be totally unsound be touched be touchy be trailing be trained on the job be translucent be transparent be tried for be tuned in to be typical of be unable to be unacquainted with be unaware of be unconscious of be undecided be under arms be under discussion be under lock and key be under medical treatment be under the impression that be under treatment be under water be undone be unfaithful be unfaithful to be unfamiliar with be unfit for be uninformed of be unpleasant be unpopular be unpopular with be unsound be unsuitable for be unsuited for be untraceable be unusable be unwelcome be up be up against it be up and about be up and at it be up and doing be up in arms be up to be up to below standard be used to be useful be useless be valid be versed in be very ashamed be very doubtful if be very doubtful whether be very embarrassed be victorious be warm be washed ashore be washed up be weighed down by be weighed down with be well be well up in be well up on be well-versed in be wet be wide be wild about be willing to be with child be with it be within an ace of death be within the province of be without be wont to be working be worried be worried about be worried over be worse than be worth be worthwhile be worthy be worthy of be wrathful be wrecked be wrong be wrong about


Parts of speech:

adj. adjective

n. noun

v. verb


sing. singular

plur. plural

pos. positive

comp. comparative (more)

super. superlative (the most)